20 October 2010

RP Booters Rout Timor, 7-0

MANILA, Philippines — An inspired Philippine team frolicked on a rainy Tuesday to score an emphatic 7-0 win over Timor-Leste for its first victory in the AFC Under-16 Women's Championship 2011 Qualifying Round 1 (Group A) at the University of Makati football field.

The Nationals relentlessly attacked Timor-Leste’s lair and produced their first goal in the 10th minute through Janna Raizel Barcemo’s effort which sparked a wild celebration among RP supporters.

She again scored in the 22nd just eight minutes after Alessandra Camcam knocked in her first goal for a 3-0.

Camcam matched Barcemo’s two-goal effort with a goal in the 32nd as the Nationals took a 5-0 lead at halftime in the tournament organized by the Philippine Football Federation and supported by Philippine Sports Commission and Asia Brewery (Summit).

Other scorers for the RP side, which absorbed a 2-0 defeat to Guam last Sunday, were Sara Castaneda (43rd) Regine Metillo (68th) and Kyrhen Dimaandal (80th).

The victory is already a big achievement for the RP side which is competing in a international event for the first time.

The Nationals, however, face a daunting task in their next game as they battle title-favorite Vietnam which earlier drubbed Singapore, 9-0 – the most lopsided win so far in the nine-day tournament.

Meantime, Guam roared to its third straight win by outsteadying Singapore, 2-1.

Manila Bulletin


  1. HasThisBeenTaken20 October 2010 at 14:00

    Alessandra Camcam..... related to Christopher Camcam?