17 October 2010

Etheridge to play in Laos

AUCKLAND, New Zealand (UFNews) - Neil Etheridge will be the country's first choice keeper in the Suzuki Cup qualifiers in Laos, a source tells Usapang Football.

He will meet with the squad during their Bangkok stopover on Monday night and will be with them when they fly to Vientiane for the qualifying stages of South East Asia's premier football tournament.

Meanwhile, our source can also confirm that Stephan Schrock will play no part in the qualifiers as he is still processing his documents. A stint in the actual Suzuki Cup in December, if the team qualifies, is more likely as of this moment.



  1. HasThisBeenTaken17 October 2010 at 15:46

    Why does Louie think he's some kind of sports reporter or insider, or someone that works for some news agency?!?!?

    "Auckland, New Zealand (UFNews)....."
    "Our source...."


  2. Whats with the hate son?

  3. HasThisBeenTaken17 October 2010 at 19:45

    He's being a WANNABE....... and one of the things I more than hate, its WANNABES.

  4. He's just sour graping coz he cant make a fansite of his own.

  5. HasThisBeenTaken18 October 2010 at 09:59

    ^^LOL! Me, sour graping over a fucking fansite?? What fuck kind of logic is that??

    First of all, I don't want or need to have my fan site. And me labeling Louie as a WANNABE has nothing to do about his little website of his, which makes you even dumber for thinking I'm sour graping over a stupid website.

    I call him WANNABE because of the way he does things.... if you notice (which it seems like you don't) he tries to make it seem as if he's some kind of sports reporter or insider.

    Once again.........

    "Aucland, New Zealand (UFNews)...."
    "Our source...."

    He writes his little reports as if it will be published in a newspaper or an online version of a newspaper. And "Our Source".... who's source?? And what source?? He's writes his stuff as if it's confidential and "can't" reveal his source for whatever reason.

    So ya.... the guy is a wannabe.... more so since he's only 16 years old!