12 October 2010

Long Teng Cup - Philippines vs Macau

Philippines team :

22 GK Eduard Sacapano, substituted in 68.min
2 DF Robert Gier , substituted in 9.min
27 MF Ray Anthony Jonsson
12 DF Gino Pavone
11 DF Alexander Borromeo
7 MF James Younghusband , substituted in 63.min
17 MF Jason de Jong , substituted in 83.min
14 MF Mark Ferrer , substituted in 58.min
9 FW Yanti Barsales, subsituted in 88. min
13 FW Emilio Caligdong
23 FW Ian Araneta


20 GK Christopher Camcam in for Eduard Sacapano in 68 min
4 DF Anton del Rosario in for Robert Gier in 9.min
3 DF Jerry Barbaso in for Yanti Barsales in 88.min
15 DF Reymark Palmes in for James Younghusband in 63.min
14 MF Nestorio Margarse in for Jason de Jong in 83.min
28 DF Kristopher Relucio in for Mark Ferrer in 58.min

Ball Control :

Philippines 65 %
Macau 35 %

Attendance : 700

Goals :

Ian Araneta 3 goals
James Younghusband 1 goal
Emilio Calgdong

Chinese Taipei FA


  1. so yer allowed to make subs?

    why was gier subbed in the 9th min?

    when did pavone arrive? for those watched the game, is he good?

    jonsson's passport issues is no longer an issue. very happy.

  2. HasThisBeenTaken13 October 2010 at 15:47

    So it's Ray Anthony PEPITO Jonsson. hehe! Sounds more like a nickname rather than his mother's maiden name. Like if your name is Carlos, you would be called "Carlito". And the national team should also call up his brother.

    Anyway, about Gier, probably he got injured??

    Pavone was already with the team when they started their training in the Philippines. If I'm not mistaken, he was sick when they arrived in Taiwan and didn't get to play until this game against Macau.

  3. HasThisBeenTaken13 October 2010 at 22:11

    It's a friendly tournament. So the CTFA allowed matches to be treated as friendlies.... therefore allowing 6 subs.

    Also, Christopher Camcam made his debut. This means he made his debut aged 16 years and 12 days old. Surely he must now hold the record for the youngest ever debutant for the Philippines? If so, lucky bastard as well. lol! He couldn't do squat at last year's AFC U16 qualifiers and a year later he's involved with the national team over other and better suited candidates for the backup goalie spot even when things suggest he doesn't really deserve it yet and he's handed his debut.

  4. hes 6feet tall and growing. i think it is only right that he get the experience he needs. and who knows, maybe he has shown vast improvements in practice.

  5. he would make a good back up goal keeper for neil etheridge. we cannot really settle for 5'8 GK cause thats too short.

  6. Pavone is a strong player and a left food too. He plays really hard.

  7. booblehead, height isnt everything! doesnt help you to be 6 foot something when you stink at football. id rather take a 5`8 goalie anytime if he is better than a giant. do you even know what youre talking about? neil is the best goalie at the moment, but if he cant make it then there arent many good options left. we have to stick with what we got. too bad the school system is messed up in the Philippines, otherwise that camcam guy wouldnt even be close to a spot on the mens team. you can say he got goldielocks up his ass, coz he is one lucky kid who doesnt deserve the spot.

  8. HasThisBeenTaken14 October 2010 at 17:07

    ^^Agreed for the most part. For now I'd take a 5'8 Sacapano over a poor and inexperienced just recently turned 16 yr. old Chris Camcam any day of the week. However, in general, height is very important for a GK because they need to dominate their 18 yard box. That's not gonna happen if their short.

    For me, Ref Cuaresma should have been chosen as backup. He's also 6ft tall, is Navy's first choice GK and already has already been involved in the national team setup even though he's never been given his debut.

    That's another thing. You don't just give young players like Camcam experience just for the sake of giving them experience because of things like their height as a GK with the full national team. That's ridiculous. If they see potential in Camcam, fair enough but they should be giving him experience elsewhere such as another age group national team, or if he really plays Kaya, they should tell them to give him more playing time for more experience.

  9. regarding ref. is he interested? if not, then there is nothing much to do. and hasnt he been on and off when it comes to football lately? i agree that height can be important, but my point was that theclockworks thinks thats enough to be good.

  10. HasThisBeenTaken14 October 2010 at 19:17

    I don't know if he's interested or not, but why wouldn't he be?? I also don't think they've tried calling him up. Like I said, he's been backup GK for the national team before has never been given his debut. So I'm sure he would be interested, also to get his chance to earn his first cap.

    And ya, I understood what you said earlier.