10 October 2010

Taiwan - Philippines , match statistics

Team against Taiwan :

GK 22 Eduard Sacapano
DF 2 Rob Gier
DF 4 Anton del Rosario
DF 26 David Basa
DF 11 Alexander Borromeo

MF 14 Mark Ferrer , substituted in 57 th min
MF 7 James Younghusband
MF 17 Jason de Jong

FW 9 Yanti Bersales , substituted in 50 th min
FW 13 Emelio Caligdong, substituted in 79 min
FW 23 Ian Araneta


MF 6 Roel Gener ,in for Mark Ferrer in 57 th min
MF 10 Phil Younghusband , in for Yanti Bersales in 50 th min , substituted in 83rd min
DF 28 Kristopher Relucio in for Emelio Caligdong in 79 th min
MF 19 Nestorio Margarse in For Phil Younghusband in 83 rd min

Yellow card :

James Younghusband , 67 min
Nestorio Margarse , 78 min
Anton Del Rosario, 88 min

Attendance : 3000

Ball control :

Taiwan : 51 %
Philippines 49 %

More : Chinese Taipei FA match info


  1. P younghuband subbed in 50th but subbed out 83rd?

  2. Probably got injured. This is a classic example of how little support football gets. We have to resort to these updates. They dont even have a media person to draft a match report. They just have to email to all the football associations after the match and all the media outlets. How are we gonna get support for the team?!

  3. James Younghusband received a yellow card vs HK. Is he going to miss out Macau?

    I hope its wrong and p younghusband aint injured

  4. how can Nestorio Margarse be booked in the 78th minute when he came on as sub in the 83rd minute?

  5. where is neil and stephan???

  6. Perhaps they mixed up the minutes for Del Rosario and Margarse for the yellow cards.

    As for Phil, maybe he's suffered a recurrence of his ankle injury?? Or he might still not be fully fit and he was subbed off as a precaution.

    Schrock's passport isn't ready yet if I'm not mistaken and therefore he's not eligible for this tournament. He'll be with the squad for the qualifiers though. For Neil, he wasn't allowed to be released by his club due to a bit of a GK crisis at Fulham. He is part of the preliminary squad for the qualifiers though and I'm sure he'll make it by then.

  7. its already Oct 11 and the qualifiers is on Oct 22. if stephan schrock doesnt have a passport now, he wont have a passport then and wont be part of our team.

    as for phil younghusband - i read on the facebook page of the azkals that he got injured late in the game by a sliding tackle. he was carried off in a stretcher but he is expected to play in tommorow's game.

    and for neil etheridge - i dont know what is up with fulham... they wouldnt let neil etheridge go but they allowed mark schwarzer to play for australia's friendly match against paraguay. despite his sacrifice i dont know if neil etheridge is going to see some action... and not take a back seat for schwarzer. i really hope they squeeze the geezer. im getting pretty sick n tired of schwarzer.

    walang kokontra.

  8. Has this been taken11 October 2010 at 12:47

    Well, the submission for the final squads for the qualifiers are on 21 Oct. at the 1st Team Manger's meeting. It's more than possible he'll get it by then. Jonsson doesn't even his passport yet and he's already with the squad. It's also possible that he might have his passport already and that he wasn't released by his club to take part in the Long Teng Cup.

    If Phil was stretchered off then it must be quite bad then. Let's hope he really does take part tomorrow. I'm backing him to score at least a brace or even hattrick. lol! He just needs 3 more goals to reach double figures for his total tally and if he reaches it, that should make him the Philippines' all-time top scorer.

    For Neil, I'm not sure either. But I would bet that Mark Hughes doesn't really rate him.

  9. hehe i dont think he can surpass Paulino Alcantara.

  10. Has this been taken11 October 2010 at 15:38

    Why not? I'm talking about goals scored fro Philippines national team not at club level. At the moment it's unknown how goals Alcantara scored against Japan in that 15-2 win in 1917. So if Phil Younghusband reaches 10 goals I think it would be safe to say he is the Philippines leading scorer.

  11. Of course Mark Hughes doesnt really rate him coz the only first team footie he ever got was at the 7th or 8th tier, so called non league. Schwarzer is a much better goalie despite his age, and the injured goalie is also a much better goalie. As for Fulham not releasing for the tournament/qualifier is unknown. It might even be Neil who is the "issue" in this case. So STFU about it already. We have to do with what we have at the moment.

    Stefan Schroch WILL NOT play in the qualifiers. He is on the list in case Philippines qualifies for the main event, and it will be then up to his club and himself if he will play. This has been mentioned before, look it up on the net and it has been confirmed by the mens team manager.

    Who can really back up that Phil will be the all time leading scorer for Philippines? There is a HUUUUUUUUUUUGE gap from when Alcantara played and until when Phil started playing. So its just bull to speculate until you have something to back it up.

  12. HasThisBeenTaken11 October 2010 at 23:05

    Say what?? What the hell you talking about "HUGE GAP" when talking about being the national team's leading scorer? The era of any player's career is irrelevant when talking about a national team's leading scorer. Like I said above, it's still UNKNOWN how many goals Alcaantara scored in that 15-2 win against Japan in 1917. That's why I said that it would be SAFE ENOUGH to say that if/when Phil Younghusband reaches 10 goals for the national team, he would already be the Philippines leading scorer.

  13. Yeah, NO ONE ever scored a goal for Philippines from 1917 to 2005. Get some facts to back up it man. Phil and Alcantara are not the only players who have scored goals. Do you even know when Philippines had their golden time and when it started going downhill?

  14. HasThisBeenTaken12 October 2010 at 09:40

    LOL! When I mention Phil Younghusband being the potential Philippines leading scorer, I'm talking out of my ass. So yes, I do have data on scorers for Philippines matches from other eras!

    And what "golden era" you talking about. The Philippines never had such time before. But it seems you're talking of the early 70's when Cutillas took over the national team for the time. That's not a "golden era" as you point out. They didn't win any trophies, they and still failed to reach the knockout stages of every tournament they entered.

  15. I didnt point out the 70s. Thats something you pulled out of your ass.... AGAIN! LOL

    Btw, i never mentioned any trophies either. Another tubol out of your ass maybe?

  16. HasThisBeenTaken12 October 2010 at 15:16

    Then WTF is it then?? Because clearly you're the one that's making shit up. "Golden era".... BULLSHIT!! So what the hell you talking about then? You tell me! Asshole!

  17. Schwarzer alongwith Cahill and the other Aussie foreign players were able to play against Paraguay because it was a designated FIFA weekend. So Neil should have been able to play. Maybe there are other reasons behind his no show.