22 October 2010


VIENTIANE (22 Oct 2010) – Two years ago, the Philippines struggled to edge Timor Leste 1-0 in the AFF Suzuki Cup qualifying tournament. Today, in the same qualifying event at the National Sports Complex Stadium here, the Filipinos were four-goals up at the break. By the end of the match, the Philippines celebrated a convincing 5-0 win over Timor Leste in the opening game of the AFF Suzuki Cup 2010 Qualifying Round.

Striker Ian Boyana Araneta led the Filipino charge today and blasted a hattrick while Philip Younghusband and Anton Del Rosario helped complete the rout. The Philippines have come here very well prepared and aiming to make the final cut. After today’s solid performance, their dream could well become a reality when this tournament ends next week.

However, the Philippines will have to secure good results against hosts Laos in two days and Cambodia on Tuesday, if they are to advance to the Finals in December. And the truth is the matches against laos and Cambodia will be their toughest here. “It was a good start and I was pleased with their performance. We created chances and did not allow them the chance to move forward,” said Philippines coach Simon McMenemy. “We have to prepare for the second match which will be a lot harder.”

Like Philippines, Timor Leste’s remaining matches are against Laos and Cambodia. The Timorese will have to get their act together if they hope to keep alive their chances, which at this stage are very slim indeed.

Even before the game kicked-off today, the Philippines looked confident and it showed soon after the game began. The Filipinos charged up and started looking for ways through the defence. It did not take long as nine minutes into the game, the lanky James Younghusband saw his header saved and his ensuing shot pushed out by the keeper.

A freekick from James in the 20th minute found skipper Alexander Borromeo, whose solid header struck the crossbar. The inevitable happened six minutes later when Ian Araneta nailed a rebound from a shot from teammate Emelio Caligdong.

Under pressure to keep the Filipinos at bay, the Timor Leste players grew desperate and a heavy tackle from a defender saw referee Leow Tham Hoe award a penalty in the 30th minute. Philip Younghusband, brother of James, saw his thundering shot hit the underside of the crossbar and bounce into goal.

Philippines were not done yet and reeled in two more goals through Anton Del Rosario and Ian in the 32nd and 41st minutes.

There was no stopping Ian and he went on to complete his hattrick in the 57th minute.

Timor Leste has a few breaks but they failed to take their chances. In the 74th minute, Timor had a great chance when Eusebio Almeida split through the defence. He tried but failed to beat English Premier League keeper Neil Etheridge who plucked the ball from Eusebio’s feet.


Timor Leste: Diamantino Leong (GK), Lamberto Gama, Miguel Soares, Helder Ricardo (c), Eusebio De Almeida, Joao Pereira, Emilio Da Silva, Chiquito Do Carmo (Cipriano, 62nd), Zeferino Martins, Anggisu Barbosa, Vicente Freitas (Marcelino, 70th).
Subs: Leonel Da Silva Araujo (GK), Elijeu Soares, Juvitu Da Silva, Salvador Carlos, Cipriano Branco, Marcelino Fernandes, Carlo Ximenes
Coach: Pedro Correia De Almeida
Yellow: Helder (63rd), Cipriano (65th), Lamberto (72nd), Emilio (91st), Joao (92nd)

Philippines: Neil Etheridge (GK), Robert Gier, Anton Del Rosario, James Younghusband (Joebel, 72nd), Manuel Gelito Ott (Nestorio, 80th), Philip Younghusband (Yanti, 65th), Alexander Borromeo (c), Emelio Calidong, Jason De Jong, Ian Araneta, Ray Jonsson
Subs: Eduard Sacapano (GK), Roel Gener, Yanti Armentia Barsales, Mark Ferrer, Nestorio Margase, Joebel Bermejo, David Basa
Coach: Simon Alexander McMenemy
Scorers: Ian Boyana Araneta (27th, 41st, 57th), Philip (30th-pen), Anton Del Rosario (32nd)
Yellow: Jason (53rd), Robert (83rd)

Referee: Leow Tham Hoe (S’pore)
Assistant 1: Preecha Kangram (Thai)
Assistant 2: Loung Lath Somphayanh (Lao)





  2. This is a big slap to the face of those who said there aren't any local players who can be good in the air like Chad Gould...Araneta scored two aerial goals last night!! He hit the bar twice as well...

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