16 October 2010

McMenemy hoping football can thrill the Manilans

In the past two months, 32-year-old English coach Simon McMenemy has experienced an extraordinary footballing transition. Having left his position as assistant manager of non-league side Worthing in July, a chance conversation on Facebook with two players he used to coach saw him swapping the south coast of England for south east Asia, and the managerial hotseat of the Philippines national team.

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  1. Mr. McMenemy said, "I'm working with one lad whose last experience was on Chelsea's training ground and then another lad who has just started playing football in the last three years but is sufficiently good enough to play football in the national team."

    Is it really possible to learn the sport and, after three years, play in for the national team?

    Either this is gross exaggeration or we have one exceptional player in our hands.

  2. HasThisBeenTaken17 October 2010 at 17:18

    It has to be one of the younger players, because if it was one of the older guys, then that is absolutely shocking to say the least. It would also mean that the level of Philippine football is so low that a guy learning the only three years ago would be good enough to play international football.

    The only player that comes to mind is Camcam. If not then I don't know, probably an exaggeration.