23 October 2010

AFC U-16 Women - RP XI Faces Singapore

MANILA, Philippines — The Philippines hopes to end its campaign with a bang when it battles Singapore this Sunday at the close of the AFC Under-16 Women's Championship 2011 Qualifying Round 1 (Group A) at the ULTRA football field.

Toting similar 2-1 records, the vastly improving Nationals and the Singaporeans collide at 3 p.m. with the winner emerging third place in the five-team tournament.

Powerhouse Vietnam and Guam dispute the pennant when they clash at 9 a.m. Both teams sport identical 3-0 marks in the event serving as a follow-up to the country’s successful staging of the AFC Under-19 Women's Championship Group A Qualifiers last month.

The game between Philippines and Singapore will be shown on pinoysportsidols.com.

Manila Bulletin


  1. Philippines - Singapore 2-0 , was this FT result ? Did anybody watch the match live ?

  2. Final is 2-0 to RP which does not reflect RP dominating ball possession. Singapore tried the occasional counter resulting in minor scares for RP defence. The PSC field was in bad shape but better than UMak. I would like to see more wide play, patience and support in attack and transition, a more deliberate possession game, some creativeness in front and faster ball movement. But good job girls!

  3. Final standings :

    1. Vietnam
    2. Guam
    3. Philippines
    4. Singapore
    5. Timor Leste

  4. WE WON! :D 2-0 Alessandra Camcam and Sara Castañeda scored a goal in the second half. Both such beautiful goals :)