11 October 2010

New PFF General secretary

Kuala Lumpur: Ramon F. Manuel has been appointed as the new General Secretary of the Philippine Football Federation (PFF).

In a letter dated October 8, 2010, PFF informed AFC that the appointment was made during the last Executive Committee meeting of the PFF on September 25, 2010.



  1. Congratulations, then.

  2. This is the same person who faked the PFF resolution submitted to the banks! Who says crime doesn't pay? BIG JOKE MAN!!!!!!!!!

  3. Its a never ending cycle then. Dont these people have no shame?

  4. Has this been taken11 October 2010 at 15:42

    A never ending cycle of corruption, fraud, etc. within the national federation which is the PFF means the forever stagnation of Philippine football at its current state.

  5. Wow !! These crooked PFF pigs are making FIFA funds for football programs in the Phils. their own personal piggy banks and this guy is the latest? another one that is going to keep the FIFA funds for "Safe Keeping"... Is there no oversight??

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