17 October 2010

Team for AFF Suzuki Cup 2010 Qualifiers in Laos

Team for the AFF Suzuki Cup qualifiers in Laos

Araneta, Ian

Atienza, Michael

Barbaso, Jerry

Barsales, Yanti

Basa, David

Bermejo, Joebel

Borromeo, Alexandre

Caligdong, Emelio

Camcam, Christopher

Caminos, Jose

de Jong, Jason

del Rosario, Anton

Etheridge, Neil

Ferrer, Mark

Gener, Roel

Gier, Rob

Jaugan, Peter

Jonsson, Ray

Margarse, Nestorio

Ott, Manuel

Palmes, Rey

Pavone, Gino

Relucio, Kristopher

Sacapano, Eduard

Younghusband, Phil

Younghusband, James



  1. HasThisBeenTaken17 October 2010 at 10:25

    Where did Louie did get this info?? Is he making shit up again??

    The team manager's meeting for the qualifiers is on Thursday, 21 October. That's when the final registration for players takes place. So I doubt that list final. On top of that, it's too big of a squad, that's 26 players listed. I'm quite certain the maximum allowed is only a 20 man squad. Just like the previous qualifiers.

  2. Give us some inside info, Vince.

  3. This is the list of players who will travel to Laos, not the ones who will play. Just like in Taiwan, there will be players who will sit out...just being there in order to get used to international matches.

  4. Getting used to sitting on the bleachers watching the game? I dont see the point. Cut down the list, and have a more compact and competitive attitude amongst the players, rather than bringing extra players and let them be tourists.

  5. HasThisBeenTaken17 October 2010 at 14:37

    ^^^Yes, exactly! Also, cutting down the list would mean that McMenemy and the rest of the coaching staff can concentrate on the players that will be playing and therefore have more time to gel as a team.

  6. Well if you take Camcam for example, the young lad needs experience travelling and see how our numbers 1 and 2, Etheridge and Sacapano respectively, play and train. He needs to have the same training as them and learn a thing or two about these keepers. This is probably what the coaching staff meant by "international exposure".

    So far I don't see any problem with the squad. I feel that it's the strongest the Philippines have fielded so far. My wife and I will be rooting for you guys from here in England!


  7. I dont see any problem sending all 26 and 6 of them will wont play, Im sure the coach already informed the 6 guys so they wont be expecting. If Im part of the 6,I wont mind traveling with the team and learn.

  8. HasThisBeenTaken18 October 2010 at 09:48

    @James Cresswell,

    Camcam should be learning elsewhere at this moment in time. The guy only turned 16 on September 30 and he wasn't even the first choice GK for the Philippines in last years AFC U16 qualifiers and therefore shouldn't be anywhere near the full national team. And it's not like he's the only one that needs international exposure. So I don't know what he's done to deserve being with the national team, let alone getting his debut against Macau.

  9. for a goalkeeper who is 6feet tall... i think that is the reason why the coaching staff is giving him extra attention. you cant teach height you know.

  10. HasThisBeenTaken18 October 2010 at 13:10

    No shit you can't teach height! And as of now, who cares if he's 6ft tall. Apart from being tall, what has he done or what does he have to offer that has made him part of the national team setup even before turning 16?? As far as As far as I'm concerned.......... NOTHING!

  11. HasThisBeenTaken18 October 2010 at 13:12

    ^^Shit... my comp. acted up... That last sentence..... it was suppose to be....

    As far as I'm concerned....

  12. Booblehead/Clockworks strikes again. Height isnt everything! Yes, its an advantage. But i say it again. It doesnt help sh|t if youre crappy in all other aspects of the game.

    @best buy,

    Of course no one would say no to a free paid vacation. Hahaha

    @James, yes the squad is strong, but couldve been better if the Greatwich brothers were there, but theyre busy with school, injury and work. If Edwin wasnt the assistant coach, the squad would look different. Many players from the Army team, and maybe a couple of them shouldnt even be there. As for Camcam again. Well, lets put it this way. He was the goalie who got time off from school, thats why he is there, not talent. If they would pick from talent, then the U19 goalie from Cebu would be in the squad, but his college wont let him go, and thats the story of many talented players.

  13. How about investing for the future? If Camcam doesnt get better, whose fault do you think it would be? Try looking at the bigger picture.

  14. Dude, whats up with your love for Camcam? The kid sucks alright. Face the facts. Get a grip. Do you love tall guys, is that why?

    Fact is that he shouldnt be on the team, let alone getting any playing time. There are MANY BETTER goalies in the Philippines, also young goalies below 20 that are way better than Camcam. This only shows once again that not always the best players are always picked out for the national team.

    Do us a favour and stop adoring this kid just because of his height.

    As to the answer to your question.

    It will be his own fault. He wont get better if he dont work hard. It has nothing to do with the management. There is no bigger picture, and you my friend, do not really know what youre talking about.

  15. "Invest in the future".....

    You're right, we need to, but that doesn't mean putting 15/16 year old kids in the national team setup right from the start. That's absolutely ridiculous! He needs to improve and prove himself elsewhere before he can be anywhere near the full national team.

    Having said that, it begs the question, who brought him into the setup right away?? Because I don't believe McMenemy was the one who called him up from the start because was an unknown quantity before McMenmey took over.

    This is also the problem with not having a proper league structure. Too many unknowns and random players like Camcam getting selected for the national team.

  16. mate, where are those better goal keepers that you speak of? the cebuano goal keeper under 20 - his school did not allow him. im pretty sure those other kids were not allowed by their schools as well or they may be other factors preventing them from being part of the national squad. camcam was available - so suck it up.

    and its just yer opinion - do not state that as fact.