17 October 2010

Filipino-Brit goalie to play for RP team

By Cedelf P. Tupas
Philippine Daily Inquirer

MANILA, Philippines -- The Philippine football team got a massive boost before it left for the Suzuki Cup Asean Football Championship Qualifiers set from Oct. 21 to 26 in Vientiane, Laos.

Neil Etheridge, the Filipino-British goalkeeper, has been allowed by his London-based club Fulham to join the RP team for the four-nation meet.

The 20-year-old Etheridge has cracked the Fulham first team this season after a four-year stint with the reserve squad, and is already the second-choice keeper behind Australian Mark Schawrzer.

It’s the closest a Southeast Asian player has come to making an appearance in the English Premiere League this season.

Etheridge, who kept a clean sheet in his first three matches for the national team, said he would miss only one English Premiere League game to play for the Suzuki Cup.

The Philippines kicks off its campaign against Timor Leste on Friday, before playing Cambodia on Oct. 24 and Laos on Oct. 26.

Midfielder Manny Ott, who plays in the German second division for FC Ingolstadt 04, is also among the notable additions to the RP team that is coming off a third place finish in the Long Teng Cup in Taiwan last week.


  1. "Already the second-choice keeper"

    Haha! If he was, then he would have been on the bench yesterday and would not be going to Laos at all.

  2. HasThisBeenTaken17 October 2010 at 18:49

    Yes, it's very laughable. Poor Philippine journalism once again. When it comes to football, there's always one or two things that are wrong or inconsistent.

  3. The reason he was not on the bench on yesterdays game coz he was on his way here. He is the second option keeper on Fulham.

    chewck this link:


  4. Read what i wrote earlier. If he indeed played second stringer, he would still be in London. He has no experience at PL level, the other goalie, Stockdale who was at the bench is more experienced and better. He is the second-choice as of now, NOT Etheridge. Neil was the second-choice in a few matches because they had _no choice_ but to put him on the bench.

    Just because the usapangfootball site means Neil is the second-choice, doesnt mean that he actually is.

    Usapangfootball is NOT a RELIABLE source. I can make my own site, say that Aly Borromeo is the greatest defender of all time in the world, but fact is that its not true.

  5. someone's having a period...

  6. neil etheridge is better than stockdale. mark my words man.

  7. and fulham really has to let go of schwarzer.... they gotta squeeze the geezer! stockdale? he allowed a lot of own goals for his team. geez man... a better GK could organize his defenders better, avoiding possibilities for own goals.

    cmon man... you gotta back your own! get behind neil now!

  8. HasThisBeenTaken18 October 2010 at 13:06

    ^^That's called BIAS!

    Just because a player is one of your own doesn't make them better over another player. On the same time, whether you think Etheridge is better than Stockdale or not, fact is, Stockdate IS Fulham's second choice, not Etheridge.

  9. Yeah mark your words. If Etheridge really is better than Stockdale he wouldnt be playing reserves. He wouldve played first team footie somewhere, maybe championship or league one or two to get experience. All he experienced was first team footie at non league club. I back up my own, but im realistic, im not having huge fantasies. You say Fulham need to let go of Schwarzer? Come on, he is a very good goalie. Old, but still levels above Neil. Stockdale is also better. Open up your eyes dude. Watch Fulhams games before you have rants about this and that.

    You need to get real. Maybe youll say that even Camcam is better. LOL

  10. okay so second choice for a few games doesn't mean his second choice? nice comment guys.

  11. such masters of journalism here. aren't u even happy that football gets space in the inquirer? second-choice or not he was on the bench for some games which means he was considered second choice. lets wait for the day when neil gets his first start.

  12. HasThisBeenTaken18 October 2010 at 20:32

    LOL!!!!!!!!!!! Do guys even follow any sort of club football??????

    Ahhhh, you know what, never mind. It clearly shows that you don't because you can't even figure out what is meant by "second choice".

    So what if Etheridge was second choice for a few games??? When talking about first choice, second choice, third choice, etc. it's the pecking order that's being discussed.

    Etheridge became backup to Schwarzer because their REGULAR second choice which is David Stockdale was out injured. Now that Stockdale is fit, hes returned to his usual backup GK role while Etheridge is back as third choice. Etheridge would even be fourth choice behind Zuberbuhler if the Premier League hadn't introduced the 25 man squad rule. But they did, so he's their third choice.

  13. The only thing that matters is that he is ready for Laos qualifiers, I dont care if he is the first choice or the fourth choice

  14. ^^
    I agree. But its funny to read that people really think he is the second-choice when the fact is that he isnt.

    To the one said lets wait for his first start. He will get his first start, but that wont be for Fulham. Thats for sure.