09 October 2010

Philippines - Hong Kong U23 - line-ups and match report

Thanks to Usapangfootball !

RP team line-up: (4-4-2) Sacapano; David Basa(RB), Rob Gier and Anton del Rosario (CBs), Jerry Barbaso(LB); James Younghusband(RM), Jason de Jong and Roel Gener (CMs), Chieffy Caligdong(LM); Aly Borromeo and Ian Araneta (FWs)

Subs: Phil Younghusband for Jerry Barbaso, others unknown

Hong Kong U-23 squad: Yehong Hui, Chen Weihao, Lai Wenfei, Diting Feng, Li Zhihao, Xu Shuai, Bairon Ze, Lo Kwan Yee, Ju Ying Chi, Chen, Chao Pengfei

Goals: Xu Shuai, Chen, Phil Younghusband(penalty), Phil Younghusband, Lo Kwan Yee, Ju GHK

Match report Usapangfootball


  1. maybe in Suzuki Cup Aly should play again CB beside del Rosario. Phil defense was stronger with Aly as CB. RM Ray Jonsson and 2 attackers
    Phil Younghusband and Ian Araneta. CM Manuel Ott.
    just an idea.

  2. Aly beside Rob Gier. Del Rosario on the RB where he belongs.

  3. or Aly can play CD?

  4. Does anybody know the line-up of Hong Kong? The line-up given by usapang football seems to be wrong.

    I cross checked some of the names with the squad list at Wikipedia and there are no players named Yehong Hui, Chen Weihao, Diting Feng, Li Zhihao, Bairon Ze... and who's Chen?

    And is the owner of usapang football really only 16?? Because it really seems like it.

  5. Can you post the names of the unknown players??

  6. What unknown players?