08 October 2010

RP Team news from Taiwan

The Air Force players who were previously denied travel permission by the Department of National Defense (DND) have now been given the green light and are now in Taiwan! The batch also includes the three assistant coaches left behind.

In other news, Rob Gier is with the squad as well but his fellow half-Dutch colleague, Jason de Jong, was stopped in Hong Kong because of his Dutch passport nearing its' expiration date. The latter then flew to Manila in order to acquire a visa form the Taiwan embassy. He is expected to arrive in Taiwan on Saturday.

There are also reports that half-Icelandic professional Ray Jonsson is ineligible to play due to passport reasons. This is yet to be confirmed by Usapang Football



  1. Just to make something clear, Icelandic football isn't fully professional, therefore Ray Jonsson isn't fully professional either.

  2. Bullcrap. Compared to the Phils it IS professional. If he makes a living out of playing football, then he is a professional footballer.

  3. Thats right, even a jeepney driver who earn driving jeep counts as professional. I hope this guys can join the team