09 June 2012

UFL - Saturday`s matches - Updated standings

June 09, 2012
2:00 pmLions Meltique Beef FC
1-5Laos FCRizal Memorial Stadium
2:00 pmDiliman Victory Liner FC      1-0-Manila All-Japan FCUniversity of Makati (UMak)
4:00 pmPachanga FC-8-0Union Internacional ManilaRizal Memorial Stadium
4:00 pmCebu Queen City United FC-3-2Sunken Garden United FCUniversity of Makati (UMak)
6:00 pmTeam Socceroo FC-1-1Dolphins United FCUniversity of Makati (UMak)
8:00 pmForza FC4-1Agila FCUniversity of Makati (UMak)
Pachanga FC201910117711058
Diliman Victory Liner FC20172178225653
Cebu Queen City United FC20134375274843
Agila FC2012084845336
Union Internacional Manila208574455-1129
Forza FC2082104262-2026
Team Socceroo FC207494554-925
Laos FC2073103443-924
Dolphins United FC203892635-917
Manila All-Japan FC2043132960-3115
Sunken Garden United FC20301733101-689
Lions Meltique Beef FC2022161474-608


  1. Laos Fc win 5-1 against Lions FC

  2. so regardless of what happens, if Pachanga win the next game then they are surely promoted to the first division. I feel sorry for Diliman though. I'de rather see the Fighting Maroons and the Red Phoenix in the first div than Navy and Pasargad or the Armymen. Oh well next season is going to be a battle with CQCU for the top spot. Navy has no chance against these two.