03 June 2012

AFC U14 - Sunday

AFC U14 Festival of football today :

Philippines 1-2 Thailand

Ebarle scored

Last match  : Philippines 1-1  Myanmar


  1. We cant compete with this country if keep on changing players every year just because we see another potential for the position. And besides Vietnamese players are all in one school the whole year compared to ours that will only see each other once a month and train only for 2 rigorous months every summer.

  2. Sa obserbasyon ko parang kulang sa scounting ang Coaching Staff ng Philippine Little Azkals dahil nakapaglaro na sila nito last year pero ganun pa man hindi nakapag adjust ang stratehiya at tactika nila. nasa coach ang pagkakamali sa puntong ito dahil galing sila sa isang training camp sa Italy pero ganun pa man nagkulang pa rin sila sa preparasyon pagdating sa ASEAN Football Festival na ito. Huwag sanang pagalitan ng husto ang mga batang ito kung sila ay natalo dahil ginagawa lng nila ang mga instruction ng kanilang coach. Ating tandaan na hindi pa mga propesyonal ang mga ito kaya pwede pa silang mag improve habang tumatagal.

  3. another option... get a core group maybe Don Bosco who is the undisputed champion in the Palaro for this age group and just add a few better players to fill up weak positions. also walang palakasan or allow players into the team just because they are sons of sponsors.

  4. Anonymous4 June 2012 00:53

    Don Bosco....well I bit to disagree...why not chose from the top 4 team from the recent palarong pambansa and put in Don Bosco as a scholar....


    what say you???

  5. In this age group Don Bosco has nothing to show off except for two who are now playing for the Little Azkals except for one whos entry is questionable.

  6. Both of your suggestions are right. Select from the top teams from Palarong Pambansa and mold them in one school like Don Bosco or another good school.
    Di ba noon me program si Pres. Marcos na Gintong Alay, talagang isolated ang mga players sa Baguio for training.
    These young boys will be developed to be our future national players.
    Messi and other players as I learned from a TV show trained from a Football training camp in Barcelona (if I remember it right) including other great players in Europe. Of course we know that Messi is Argentina. That football school was founded as I remembered in 50s or 60s.
    These players went through rigorous but proper football training aside from their God given talents.
    I have no doubt that we have in our country, young boys ready to be developed, but without to chance to learn world class training.
    An example are the Younghusbands, they trained in Chelsea at a young age and even Neil Etheridge, he had a quality training prior to becoming a professional footballer.

    There are possibilities. But we need to start from STEP-ONE and to the next step.

    I hope PFF and coaches of these kids can read our comments. They can get some ideas.