11 June 2012

Final squad list for Guam friendly

Final squad list for Guam friendly :

Eduard Sacapano (Army FC)

Paul Mulders ( Ado den Haag , Netherlands)

Rob Gier (Ascot United , England)

Jason Sabio (Kaya Fc)

Roxy Dorlas (Loyola Fc)

Carli de Murga (Global Fc)

Misagh Bahadoran (Global Fc)

Patrick Reichelt (Global Fc)

Lexton Moy (Kaya Fc)

Jason de Jong (Clubless)

Ian Araneta (Air Force)

Denis Wolf (Clubless)

James Younghusband (Loyola Fc)

Phil Younghusband (Loyola Fc)

Neil Etheridge (Fulham, England)

Jerry Lucena ,(AGF Aarhus , Denmark)

Dennis Cagara , (clubless)

Jeffrey Christiaens (Torhout, Belgium)

Marwin Angeles (Global Fc)

OJ Clarino (Stallion FC)

Patrick Deyto (Green Archers United)

Anto Gonzales (Loyola Fc)

Angel Guirado (Global FC)


  1. Out from the preliminary squad : Aly Borromeo, Chieffy Caligdong (suspended) , Roel Gener and Nestorio Margarse

  2. This is good for the NT, they are continuously playing and bonding a lot more. It will help the team a lot and I hope they contineu to practice and play for these coming 6 months to be able to make their game and plays and make themselves a cohesive team.

  3. yep. this is good. i just wish that good for nothing sports writers in the philippines like mike limpag and spongebob guerrero would shut up and stop making line up suggestions. no one wants to see araneta or gener in the starting line up anymore. we dont care if the game will be in bacolod. we want to see a blow out tommorow. we want to see your local faves making us look like idiots and morons.

    1. I partly agree. Guam isn't that strong an opponent, so this would be a great opportunit to give some of our talents like Reichelt and Deyto valuable playing time. Weiss can then sub in the more experienced players in the second half. Afterall, we can play with almost the exact same team that won third place in the Challenge cup. I say start with a few talented players, then put in the best squad in the second half and win the game 5-0.

  4. Will this match be shown over Channel 23?

  5. Best for AZKALS 4-4-2


    Jason, Rob, Lucena, De Murga

    James, Angel, Cagara, Bahaduran

    Wolf, Phil

    Best starting line-up for the AZKALS

  6. We should not consider Guam as a lowly team, just because the standing says so. How come Mongolia defeated us in their turf but they are lower in ranking than us?

    I know Coach Weiss and the NT will approach this game like the game with indonesia, malaysia or any other team.

    Although historically, Guam was defeated with the maximum of 19 goals to 0 by Iran. But this game should help us be a more cohesive team.

  7. Only Mike Limpag and Spongebob Guerrero are under estimating Guam. They say that Guam is too crap we can send in Araneta, Gener and the Azkals doggy mascot in the starting 11 cause its in the bag. When we lose in shocking fashion they will quickly write a crummy article blaming this and that. They will also call for the head of Weiss on the chopping board.

    1. It is not the right time to be relax...AZKALS should grab the chances and an opportunities to start the best and strong NT 11 for the whole duration of the game.,..we should realized that still we need to improved, developed and more friendly matches internationally., we are now in high level compared to our previous match performance...AZKALS should go forward not to go backward...all what we are wanted is to win the game...