03 June 2012



The Philippines-Malaysia friendly match ended in a scoreless draw last Friday. Despite the presence of a lot of foreign-based players in the Philippine line-up, the Philippine team merely managed a scoreless draw with a lower FIFA-ranked team.
The bigger disappointment for me, however, comes from Philippine Azkals team captain Chieffy Caligdong. The Azkals skipper was quoted as saying that he sees nothing wrong with the insignificant presence of homegrown players in the Azkals line-up. Caligdong even goes to the extent of justifying the domination of foreign-based players by saying that these players ” are bringing up the level of play and we’re learning from them. ” I find it really a big disappointment that no less than the team captain of a national team prefers to have Fil-foreigners in the team than pure Filipinos. If talent is really the main reason for the choice of Fil-foreigners over pure Filipinos, then the coach of the team must be held accountable. The coach must be blamed for not honing the talent and skills of pure Filipinos. The coach must be inherently conscious of improving the skills of the local players. It is his duty to improve the playing skills of pure Filipinos and not merely rely on his imports. The coach must have a definite and concrete development plan to improve the homegrown players.
Interestingly, were there foreign-based players in the Malaysian Tigers ? A Malaysian friend tells me that Safee is the only one who plays outside Malaysia.  Full-blooded Malaysian Safee plays in Indonesia. If Malaysia is the defending champion in the Suzuki Cup by not having a proliferation of  foreign-based players, why can’t the Philippine Azkals do the same ?


  1. Eric Dimzon is still alive?

    According to Dimzon, Coach Weiss is responsible to develop homegrown players to top notch players. Thats a big task, so, well, listen everyone, fire your coaches and tell Weiss to coach your team. LOL!

    And he also manage to mention that Malaysia is a lower ranked team, which is true at the moment, but that doesnt mean that the azkals is any better coz theyre ranked a bit higher.

    Besides the rest of the BS, he should look over to Singapore and take a look at what they have done.

    What a douche.............

  2. I can't hear that bullshit discussions anymore....pure filipinos, half breed or half blooded.......what a bullshit.
    look at German football team.........players have Polish, Turkish, Tunesian roots etc. and nobody labels them as half......

  3. i can't hear that bullshit discussions anymore....pure filipinos, half breed or half blooded, natural born...what the fuck. look at other nations e.g. Germany. they have players with Polish, Turkish, Tunesian etc. roots and nobody labels them as half.....what a bullshit of E.D.

  4. i can't hear that bullshit discussions anymore....pure filipinos, half breed or half blooded, natural born...what the fuck. look at other nations e.g. Germany. they have players with Polish, Turkish, Tunesian etc. roots and nobody labels them as half.....what a bullshit of E.D.

  5. FACT is the style of play noT developed in the way how it was promised through german football federation and shortcuts were done.. correct that many talented players ( borned in Philippines or borned elsewhere ) are ignored .
    Mr. Weiss and DFB/PFF dropped away important co-coaches and scouts ( like Daniel Peters ) a huge MISTAKE for philfootball.. this shortcuts can be a problem for developing phil football.
    Mr. Dimzon got the right swing and he not made a racist statement.. Fact is the playing time, like for top Talents like Kevin Rob Hartmann, are to less and local borned Filipino talents are not transfered to Europe Azkals ( Azkals is a registered Trademark in Europe )like it was discussed with DFB.. so many opportunities are NOT taken by PFF/Mr. Weiss and PFF NT Management. This shortcuts lead to the point that in future some qualities will be missing ( because of missing high quality training methods and missing or to much low leveled practice games ).

    1. hahaha. No time for this. This is stupid, Both Dimzon and Paul Weiler.

    2. Paul Weiler and Eric Dimzon nagkampihan na. hehehe douche!

  6. what a loser this writer is....absolutely worthless arguments

  7. Jonny why the hell did you even post this stupid blog entry from a stupid writer? This guy is not worth our time. He should be ignored but you are giving him the attention that he wants.

  8. Eric Dimzon doesn't like to be called ugly. LOL. I harassed him on Twitter and remarked how ugly he is. A couple of his followers reacted even though he tried to act cool about it. But he was really affected because his ugliness was being talked about. He ain't comfortable with it LOL LOL! He blocked me from Twitter!

    Let's give him a dose of his own medicine. Go on Twitter and tell him the TRUTH. He ugly, he butt ugly.

  9. Im 50/50 agree with the writer, we are just excited because we are winning with the foreign base, but kung titingnan mo kung pinoy na naglalaro lahat ng pangungutya andyan.....agree to the point that we need to develop the locals.....and dont agree na naiquote nya statement ni caligdong...because i do believe sa sinabi ni caligdong but feel sad the development of the young locals are not there anymore.....

  10. This is a pretty stupid blog about the Azkals. True, the coach can help improve the talent of the locals, but just he does so doesn't mean their talent really will improve.

    Azkals participation should be based on MERIT alone, meaning which players are playing their best. If the Fil-Foreigners are playing better than the locals, then so be it. It is up to the locals to step up if they can.

    Malaysia does not have a Malay-Foreigner on their team, that is why they are not as strong as us. They were playing on their beautiful home turf, with the crowd and the referees behind them, using the best possible team they can form, and they couldn't win against us.

    1. This.

      And now everyone attack Dimzon on Twitter. Tell him the truth about his face. He doesn't like it LOL.

  11. My day is ruined:

    1. I wasted two minutes reading this drivel and responding to it,
    2. I saw, for the first time, the two saddest people in Philippine football ON THE SAME PAGE... Dimzon and Weiler.

    1. this two should be crucified

  12. Amen to that Mr. Buddha.
    Maybe just doesn't see the whole picture and what age and era we are now.
    Well I can add these statistics about the football leagues played in Southeast Asian countries;
    1. Malaysia - it has 5 or 6 on-going football leagues with one league as old as 1921 (Malaysia Cup) and is on going. Malaysia FA Cup is participated by 32 teams
    2. Vietnam - it has 4 or 5 on-going footbal leagues, the oldest is 1980 (V-League)
    3. Thailand - it has 5 or 6 on-going football leagues, the oldest is 1970 (Queen's Cup with 32 participants)
    4. Indonesia - they have 7 on-going leagues, the oldest is 1994 (Liga Indonesia premier Div. and Liga Indonesia 2nd Div.). The 3rd division has 98 teams participating while the 2nd division has 78 teams participating.
    5. Singapore - they 3 to 4 on-going leagues, the oldest is 1996 (S-League).
    6.Cambodia - they have 3 leagues, with the oldest at 1982 (Metfone C-League)
    7. Brunei - they have 2 leagues, both started 2002 (DST Group Brunei Premier League - League 1 & 2).
    8. Philippines - we have 2 leagues on-going, UFL Div. 1 started 2009 and UFL Div. 2 started 2012.
    9. Myanmar - it has 1 league, from 1996 - 2009 but I think discontinued.
    10. Timor Leste - none.

    As you can see southeast asian brothers have whole lot of history when it comes to their football.
    When we drew with malaysia 1-1 and 0-0, it is more big deal for them. We almost beat them, I would imagine if we defeted them last february in Manila. Their coach will surely resign.
    Now Indonesia, even if this is a friendly they will surely take this seriously. Even a draw will be surely tragic for them. They would want to surely win as much as we do.

    With regards to the topic being discussed. Chieffy is right. We are playing a different level. It is good that our Fil-European brothers and Fil-English brothers are here helping our national team and our local guys are learning fast paced. It is the locals who should keep up and be at par.

    Yes the malaysian team is 100% Malaysians, look at their footbal history or the indonesians.

    To our PFF government, pls continue and developing more talents at world class level.

    To the media and companies let us continuously support footbal. Lagi na lang basketball.

    To all Filipinos, like what we are doing right now. Let's continue supporting our Football team. Let's hope for the better future of our Philippine football.

    Congats Mr. Palami. Saludo ako sa iyo.

  13. FACT is whether PFF nor Mr. Palami building up a QUALITY SCOUTING in Europe or elsewhere with a steady system in which also 100% pure Filipinos can train and get get higher leveled match practices .. also CLUB SCOUTING ( to transfer players in more professional club system ) is NOT existing...
    FACT is THEREFORE the AZKALS EUROPE MANAGEMENT ( which is in PARTNERSHP w/ PFSA inc. ) is always asked to organize games, to do training sessions and to transfer players into quality clubs..
    Azkals Europe now try to organize a tourney in July/Aug to give Filipino players ( openage ) a chance to show their skills. PFSA and Azakls Europe also received invitations for other Tourneys.. if someone want to know more he/she can write to https://www.facebook.com/groups/azkals.eu or PFSAinfo@go4more.de
    FACT is TALENTED FILIPINO players need more qualified TRAINING SESSIONS and QUALITY GAMES and players have to be steady scouted/observed/adviced in their clubs.
    CLUBLESS players is HORROR for PHILFOOTBALL .. VALUES of players can NOT be developed!
    Mr. Weiss with DFB ( which is in PARTNERSHIP with PFF ) do TO LESS to HELP talented filipino players .. even MUCH MONEY are going around in philfootball and now german PUMA company gets NEW OFFICIAL JERSEY of PHILIPPINE NATIONAL TEAM .. BUT who help players like Christopher Buervenich, Kevin Rob Hartmann, Benjamin Nothurft, Dirk Balili Mascardo, Marc Radecke ( goalkeeper ) and so on?.. ANSWER: in moment only Azkals Europe in association w/ PFSA inc.

  14. If your don't mind, what is does PFSA means?

    I think our PFF as a whole should fix one by one all these snags and problems. You are truly right, our country in terms of football will not progress.

    For one, let us consider right now that our local players are training by playing with our Fil-European and Fil-English brothers. Next PFF should make the next step by sending them to like your said Europe to train some more like 20 of them to train and play there with other Filipinos and other teams.

    Maybe we could send them there for two months training program.

    Let us see what happens. In the manufacturing industry, construction industry, telecommunications industry, etc. we are doing this program so that the Engineers or technicians will be skillful and up to par with our counterparts.

    Send the young guys for training.

    Maybe this will work, if PFF would think and try.

  15. But right now we are improving, but our PFF should look more forward and not be contented on our success right.

    I still believe that our NT management is doing their best. I still believe that they are looking forward. Mr. Palami is one instrument only and for me Coach Weiss greatly contributed to where we are right now.

    There maybe more local or foreigner who can contribute.

    Let us just be positive and support them.

  16. There's so BS that Dimzon (or should I say Dimwit) has said I'm not even gonna bother. However, as to what Caligdingdong has said, its actually quite funny and ironic! He talks about how the foreign born players come into the team and how they raise the level and how they learn from them. Yet Caligdong, a homegrown player himself, continues to be a regular but is also one of the weak links in the national team! lol!

  17. A BIG DEAL is offered to PFSA inc. and this offer we forward to DR KLIPPE company ( http://www.dr-klippe.com/contact0.html ).. who has contact to several european sponsors ..
    The IDEA : To let play a Filipino club in the Singapore league ( not only in Singapore cup ).. not only Euro Fil players could join but also talented players from Philippines itself can get a chance .. Mr. Weiss/Mr. Palami knows about the offer from Singapore league management to PFSA ( Philippine Football and Sports Association ). Nontheless it is NOT necessary to do the deal about PFF or PFF NT management ... in moment around 6 Euro companies are in discuss to invest into a FILIPINO club in Singapore. Around 1,5 MILLION Euro is necessary to handle a 1 YEAR SEASON in Singapore with STEADY HIGH QUALIFIED TRAINING SESSIONS. The SINGAPORE LEAGUE MANAGEMENT offers a SUPPORT of 250 000 US $ and for sure the FILIPINO FANS ( coming from Malaysia and Singapore itself ) would be around 2-3000 FANS per week ( income around 200 000 $ US Dollar ).. so the investment costs can be reduced and a sponsor has a chance to make profit via professional MARKETING SYSTEM.

    With other words: FILIPINO talents can be also TESTED in an ASIA LEAGUE .. the step of LOYOLA Meralco is okay to play in Singapore cup .. but LEAGUE is MORE IMPORTANT. Also in Philippines itself higher leveled leagues can be done ( especially in Visayas ( not only via short period SUZUKI CUP )BUT THEREFORE PFF has to do a PROFESSIONAL MARKETING SYSTEM.. BUT do THEY ??? .. not even a good PFF page is running .. to attract sponsors !

    1. PFSA+Eric Dimzon are the lunatics of Phil. Soccer. PFSA is a German crackpot and Eric is jealous that soccer gets more attention then his dragon boat races.
      PSFA=Paul Weiler are the same