23 June 2012

AFC U22 - Myanmar 5-1 Philippines

Myanmar won 5-1 against Philippines in AFC U22 qualifiers today .

Jeffrey Christiaens scored for Philippines on penalty kick

MAtch summary : http://www.the-afc.com/en/component/joomleague/?view=report&compID=438&matchId=4635

Other results today :

Malaysia 2-3 Korea Rep
Vietnam 1-2 Chinese Taipei

Philippines play Malaysia on Monday


  1. The performance of our U22- Philippine AZKALS Football team is very poor and still need to developed and more improvement, more excellent and skillful talented players we need, The AFC U22 Asian Cup qualifiers, Philippine 1- Myanmar 5, Philippine 0- Malaysia 7, the next match against Vietnam on Thursday,I don't think how our team can get back from that losses, after all, what are the outcome of their matches, I hope its an "EYE OPENER" of all concerned people in the football world, its time to take action, prove and look for another players who can performed and really had a potential, skills and talent in playing football..don't stop searching-scouting NATIONWIDE or WORLDWIDE (Fil-Fors) ...Thank you


  2. Olats na naman? Para sa mga gusto ng puro home grown. Ayan ba ang gusto niyong result?

  3. Hope they will be choosy with their prospects. Do not settle for Fil-Foreign trashes. Philippines is not a dumpsite for rejects.

    1. papart!!!...don't worry, at least it will be an eye opener to PFF, DepEd and all those supposedly involve in developing sports programs for the Filipinos to think that "are we not far far far behind with our programs?"...it is a big insult to them that foreign based/trained Filipinos are much much much better than what we have here.
      Me, myself could compare of what is happening. Last April 2012 when PFF had its National Caravan here in Negros Occ., I was surprised when the PFF sponsored Southridge-Alabang and Makati Forza Kids team were beaten by much smaller and a little bit-younger Atletico Magallon kids who are frequently practicing futbol in a vacant sugarcane field in the mountains of central negros on barefoot. Kids, who after the games had ride (if what they feel it was) "escalators" for the first time at SM City-Bacolod. Ha ha ha...in fact, the people enjoyed watching them as they, in their muddy and smelly jerseys, took the escalators. Some of them have seen the "SEA" for the first time during our trip to the venue.
      Therefore, proper program (even if ours was designed from what we read/observed/seen from magazine/festivals/youtube/FIFA games is one of the key to a succesful futbol program. And of course PRAYERS is always there...
      But it doesn't mean that we are already that good (kasi baka tsamba lang yung pagkapanalo nila...he he he)...ang sa amin lang naman is that, our Club, is proud and happy of our accomplishment!!!
      God Bless!!!

    2. Programs and financial support are the main factors for any success of the team..( Hindi lang selected or ngayon meron bukas wala - this year meron next year wala ) that's why until now we are far,far,far and far from the dreams...even in SEA nations but I am very proud of our U14 little AZKALS for the great performance in JAPAN recently, they got 3rd place i hope those players continues to develop and continues to have had friendly an international games...

    3. "Philippines is not a dumpsite for rejects."

      What are you on with this comment?!? Although your comments as a whole make you seem bitter, envious and a complete fucktard.

    4. Nothing wrong with anyone who want to share their own opinion, we have to look the reality., stop pretending as a strong team, though success can be achieved if we had reached even in any final championship match, but still it can't be., unless we had to prove it to our neighboring countries (SEA nations ) Actually, our football NT are in progress but still, it needs a year to developed.,Look, our U22 NT, in Asian Football Confederation U-22 Cup qualifiers, the performance is very "POOR" recently,match between Philippines Vs Vietnam 0-9..what is this ?...they loss also against Myanmar Vs Philippines 5-1 and Malaysia Vs Philippines 7-O..Now is this a joke ? or "wala lang".. did any concerned people get their attention? about the performance? HOW?, WHEN? WHAT? and WHERE ? camp is useless without studying the best strategy and game plan, scouting the other teams performance, I don't know...talented or enjoyment... sayang lang ang panahon...

  4. "...not a dumpsite for rejects"?
    This from a citizen of a country whose main export is live human flesh.

    Yes, youth development is the only hope for football success but this can only happen with national and local government support and involvement, and when was the last time any government completed anything successfully or cleanly?

  5. myanmar has fielded 1 overage player against your team.. please check Kaung Si Thu, age 25, forward.. jersy number 9..

    refer http://ygnutd.com/index.php?pid=6&player=34&lang=eng
    and http://www.mmtimes.com/2012/sport/615/index.html

    If this true, then you guys should appeal

  6. Hey guys, I'm from Myanmar. I was reading your comments and I was wondering - does the Philippines have a national league? My country used to be pretty bad too until a few years ago when the government decided to establish the national football league. As far as I'm concerned, we don't concentrate that much on the youth training facilities...but what I DID notice was a big leap in quality due to regular playing time of our players and the emergence of new talent. Maybe that's what you guys need.