03 June 2012

Ex-CFA: We did not protest

Monday, June 4, 2012
THE outgoing members of the Cebu Football Association (CFA) denied speculations that they had a hand in filing the “election-related protest” before the Philippine Football Federation.
Eugene Ynclino III, formerly the man in-charge of CFA's referee committee, told Sun.Star Cebu that the protest was not from the former board members.
“No. I assure you, it’s not from us. Dili naman mi ganahan mudagan balik sa board,” said Ynclino.
In fact, Ynclino said, during the elections last March 30, former CFA president Richard Montayre and board member Eleazar Toledo decided to pull their names out of the list of nominees, to show that they are no longer interested to run.
The said “election-related protest” prompted the national football body to hold the recognition. They are still awaiting the decision from the membership and legal committee on the matter.
PFF, however, did not specify in its communication with CFA who filed the protest and what exactly the protest was about.
Sun.Star Cebu has been trying to contact legal committee head Atty. Edwin Gastanes but to no avail.
Although he denied that the protest came from them, Ynclino still expressed his disappointment with the election that happened months ago.
He said many clubs were not happy with the elections.
"It really doesn't matter who won as long as the procedures were followed," said Ynclino.
In the last elections, regular and probationary members were allowed to vote, totally disregarding the voting criteria set by the former board, which only gave the voting rights to the regular members.
"Rules should have been followed and the election was not done right," he added.
New board member Glen Quisido brushed aside opinions about the irregularity of the voting procedure.
"As of now, we just have to wait for the PFF decision," said Quisido.
Chad Songalia of Don Bosco United also expressed his thoughts on the matter.
"Kapoy na ang politics. Let's make our actions do the talking for the good of Cebu football," said Songalia.
Published in the Sun.Star Cebu newspaper on June 04, 2012.


  1. if the previous group did not protest, who did? why did'nt the PFF representative stop the election if it wasn't legal - what was he there for?

  2. ""Kapoy na ang politics. Let's make our actions do the talking for the good of Cebu football," said Songalia. "

    I hope that these things reach the table of our President Aquino to fix these problems. I see old remnants of the PSC and POC. Too much politics and magulo.

    Apektado ang pag-usad natin mga bossing...sayang ang pwesto at ibinabayad sa inyo.

    March pa pala natapos ang election. Hoy...pukaw na mo!!!

  3. Pustahan tayo these Chad Songalia and Eugene Ynclino are the prime movers of this protest. These are the same people who would not accept defeat in the last election.

  4. Ang liit lang nang grupo nila to elect a leader pero "magulo". Wala ba talaga sila unity to let someone sit if one is elected and the loser to support the elected. Is that really complicated?
    Also the PFF should immediately resolve this. Would it really take more than two months to resolve this.
    Botohan na lang ulit! Move on na kayo mga kabayan! Pukaw na mo!!!

  5. If the new officers of the CFA have not been recognized by the PFF, it could most probably be because the electoral procedure was not in compliance with the CFA Constitution & By-laws. Based on the Bylaws “PROBATIONARY MEMBERS” may be represented during the General Assembly/Congress BUT “HAVE NO RIGHT TO VOTE”. The CFA Assembly/Congress from the start was aware there was a risk when they disregarded the Bylaws therefore this should be no surprise to the members and "elected officials".

    Although the CFA General Assembly/Congress is considered the Supreme Body of the CFA they are obligated to abide by and respect the CFA Constitution & Bylaws. The General Assembly is not above the LAW and CFA Constitution & Bylaws is the Supreme Law of CFA.

    If the CFA Assembly wanted probationary members and other members not qualified by the Board to vote, then the appropriate thing to do was to first amend the Bylaws. By not amending the Bylaws first the PFF has no really other option but to recall the elections.

    It is also standard procedure that the PFF, being the national governing body, sends a representative to all provincial member associations during the election of officers. The PFF representative is only an observer and may not interfere in the electoral process but may be consulted by the association on matters concerning the application of the law. As an observer his main duty is to witness the election and to report the proceeding including any possible violation of the Bylaws if applicable. So a complaint in this case is not truly necessary as the PFF representative’s report will be sufficient to decide whether or not to recognize the new officers.

    Therefore, if the PFF is not recognizing the newly elected officers at this time, it is just doing its duty in looking into possible violation/s of the Bylaws during the electoral process. It may decide to recall the election if any irregularities have been found and most probably will have another election scheduled. It may likewise provide guidelines to ensure that the democratic process is within the bounds of the law.

    On the suggestion “these things reach the table of our President Aquino to fix these problems” is absolutely not possible as government interference is not allowed by FIFA. If such thing occurs CFA and even the PFF may be suspended by FIFA indefinitely.

    CFA leaders have only themselves to blame -----------they should have not blatantly disregarded the Bylaws in the first place. They should lead by example and disregarding the Bylaws is certainly the wrong path to take. This should serve as a lesson to all provincial members of PFF. RESPECT THE LAW!

    1. For sure, the present board are not to blame because they have no way of manipulating the election because they were not in power yet. Who were the CFA leaders before the election was held? Wasn't there an electoral group elected or at least assigned by the past board? Wasn't PFF representative there to make sure that the elections comply with the constitution/by-laws or was he inutile? You are in power and you lose because of technicality and then you blame the present board? Funny, isn't it?

  6. from another angle, what if PFF just doesn't like the new officers? they won't say who protested 'cause it's them. hehehe