14 June 2012

Cebu FA in a limbo

By Cheska D. Geli
Thursday, June 14, 2012
OUTGOING Cebu Football Association President Richard Montayre stands firm that no turnover will happen unless the new board is recognized by the Philippine Football Federation (PFF).
PFF suspended the recognition of the new set of officers because an election-related protest was filed against the new officers, led by president Ricky Dakay. The PFF did not name the complainant and PFF president Mariano Araneta said he doesn’t know who filed the complaint.

Montayre said that there can be no official board for Cebu until they receive the blessings from the PFF and hence he can’t turn over control of the CFA.
This was a departure from his earlier statement to Sun.Star Cebu a month after the election when he said he was willing to have the turnover done as long as the right procedures were followed and the former CFA board members were present.
But he said, his decision to put on hold the turnover to the new board was prompted by his conviction to do the right thing.
“If you want to do the turnover right, it should be to the set of officers already accepted by the PFF,” said Montayre.
The matter is now to be resolved by the membership and legal committee who are expected to give out the decision this week per instructions from the PFF President Mariano Araneta.
However, incoming CFA secretary general Joey Herrera questioned the former board’s
action of delaying the turnover.
“If they are not the one protesting, why are they not doing the turnover with us? Mao ra na ako question this time which means that they know there was a protest or worse, they are the ones protesting,” said Herrera.
Montayre and the rest of the former board had denied that they filed the protest before PFF.
Herrera already e-mailed the former board that they are willing to accept whatever they will turn over--balls, flags, training equipments, financial and accomplishment reports, board resolutions and pending projects.
“Does it make sense? They were quoted naman nga naghuwat ra sila namo nga mudawat unya I e-mailed them sa ila account and to the former secretary-general’s personal account pud, wala man ni-reply,” said Herrera.
Last May 12, former CFA secretary general Bro. Mari Aberasturi said, “I still have to wait until Richard’s arrival but the materials and books were already prepared and ready for turnover.”
The CFA elections was held last March 31.

Published in the Sun.Star Cebu newspaper on June 15, 2012.


    1.If PFF indeed does not know who made the protest, then it should have came from from an anonymous person, if they will act on all anonymous letters, then they will be besieged with unsigned letters in the future, which they will have to act upon.

    2. According to PFF prez Mr Nonong Araneta, in an interview, this matter should have been settled in the local level, and should not have reached them to maintain the independence on the local FA's. Isn't this very clear? Send that letter back to the local FA then, Why choose to act on it, when there is still no resolution from the local FA forwarded to your office. This will preserve the integrity of the PFF of not playing politics and favoritism.

    3. If Mr. Montayre indeed does not ALSO KNOW who wrote the protest, then why bother about it, unless he really still wants to hold on to the CFA, if he truly cares about the real meaning of his office the CFA, then he should willingly turn over all documents in their possession, after all CFA is not about who is sitting there, but is about the future, the good and improvements of Cebu Football.

    This is a simple case to be settled unless of course there is something at the back of our minds....



  2. Here is a new board and new president who I believe has the resources - time, money and connections, to rehabilitate Cebu football and yet imperial Manila -PFF National is taking its sweet time. They are most likely threatened by people by Ricky Dakay, Dan Palami who backs up their word with action.