05 June 2012

Azkals force 2-2 draw with Indonesia


The Azkals were disappointing in their draw with Indonesia at the Rizal Memorial Stadium, Tuesday. 

After controlling the first half, the Philippines couldn’t break through and it was Indonesia who scored first in the second half through Patrick Wanggai, who headed in a Novan Setia cross in the 59th minute.

James Younghusband equalized for the Azkals a minute later as he intercepted a lazy pass from Satrio Syam and the Loyola winger went one-on-one with the keeper to slot it in.

It took only two minutes for Indonesia to restore their lead as a hopeful long ball was headed away by Carli De Murga, but fell to Indonesia who knocked the ball to captain Irfan Bachdim. With De Murga out of position after the header he raced through and slotted between Neil Etheridge’s legs in the 61st minute.

The game was marred by a fight which started in the 80th minute, resulting in red cards for the Azkals’ Manny Ott and Chieffy Caligdong while the Indonesian captain and goalscorer, Irfan Bachdim, also received his marching orders.

Once the officials had sorted out all the players who massed together, the Azkals equalized when the free-kick was finally taken. Dennis Cagara whipped in the free-kick deep and James Younghusband knocked the ball back to his brother Phil who volleyed into the back of the net.

The Azkals were favorites for the game and controlled much of the match. With only three shots on target though, Indonesia scored twice and their clinical finishing gave them a result against a stronger Azkals side.

The Philippines, meanwhile, will be asking questions as key players such as Neil Etheridge and the Younghusband brothers were left out of the starting lineup. - AMD/OMG, GMA News


  1. Coach's decision. He is in-charge of the team. He lives and dies with his decision. We have no clue if we put the YH brothers or ethridge early but the game turned out great for me.

    We only have to support Coach Weiss, even if we think that his decision is "wise". But for me he made a "Weiss" decision.

    Besides, I believe that he has talked about this with his coaching staff and NT management group.

    Live with it you guys. We have a long run to go. Let us not be un-Weiss.

  2. "The Philippines, meanwhile, will be asking questions as key players such as Neil Etheridge and the Younghusband brothers were left out of the starting lineup..."

    It's obvious, Weiss is trying to evaluate his options. This is a friendly and must be used as a gauge for better player combinations, right formations etc etc...

  3. no questions to be asked regarding the line-up...it's good to see the coach try out different players and different combinations...we will need to do this to move forward as we can't be dependent on only a few select players when we are aiming to become a title-winning team :-)

  4. Why Angeles from start? Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!

    1. Angeles did a pretty decent job. Just impressive as he was in Malaysia. So why not?

      What you should be asking is why Chieffy? Poor leadership, very selfish, and stood out as the crappiest player in our team. He clearly doesn't belong there. Now you know why McMenemy benched him in 2010 Suzuki Cup.

    2. He started the scuffle with Bachdim (or was it Erfan?). As captain, he should not start fights.

    3. Exactly.

      I wouldn't be surprised if there's some hidden resentment towards him in the team. The poor result should fall on Caligdingdung.

    4. obvious na di ka marunong tumingin ng player

    5. "Angeles did a pretty decent job. Just impressive as he was in Malaysia. So why not?"

      Impressive as he was in Malaysia?! lol! Apart from keeping things simple and having a shot off target, how was he impressive against Malaysia? And again against Indonesia, he didn't do anything of note. He's a player that hasn't done anything of note in general but has for whatever reason, become a regular in the NT. Quite ridiculous!

    6. So you didn't see him when he took the ball from Malayshit player, and took a shot from outside the box? Keeper saved it but it was a good shot. And it was on target.

      You really are an annoying fuck.

    7. ibang taong nagcocomment kasi dito hindi marunong tumingin ng player. hindi porket simple maglaro wala nang kwenta. bobo mo! kitang kita na wala kang alam!

    8. hoy anonymous 15:01 sino tinutukoy mo? kung pinagtatanggol mo si caligdong eh di ang bobo mo talaga. banban si caligdong buksan mo utak mo kahit utak ipis ka lang.

      uulitin ko, decent na player si angeles. may nakikita diyan si weiss na hindi nakikita ng bobo na kagaya mo.

    9. hoy bobo! ang sinasabi kong simpleng player si angeles hindi si caligdong! magbasa ka at intindihin mo hindi yung sulat ka ng sulat! tatanga tanga ka eh

  5. Nothing wrong if the Younghusbands and Neil did not start. So what is wrong with you Roy Moore?

  6. No doubt what so ever about Coach Weiss "tactics and decisions". Maganda ang ginawa niyang game adjustments. New and effective. "Weiss" decision.

    Now our NT is starting to become upredictable because we can me different line up. Me diversity na tayo ngayon at gaya nang sabi ni PYH, tayo na ang nagdadala nang tempo nang laro di gaya noong 2010 Suzuki cup na puro long ball lang noon.

  7. noon puro tikal na players, passing na basic mali pa, kaya sinipa tayo palagi, buti na ngayon, d na cla