06 June 2012

FIFA World Ranking - Philippines down 1

FIFA World Ranking for June was released today .

Philippines down 1 to number 149. Lost 8 ranking points.

Malaysia friendly was counted, but not Indonesia friendly.


98 Vietnam -1
136 Thailand +5
149 Philippines -1
151 Indonesia -
154 Malaysia -1
157 Singapore +1
172 Laos +1
174 Myanmar +1
175 Cambodia -
202 Brunei -1
205 Timor Leste -1


  1. I think the rankings are just to evaluate and give the grade a country's football with regards to winning, losing or drawing.
    If you have no significant activity, it will go down because some team below your rank is probably winning or playing more.
    It is good to see the NT going up some ranks from the lower and it is not good to see that we went down by 1 rank.
    But this is only one way to gauge our team.
    If we continue to win or lose and gain experience by continuously playing against any national team in the world. Then we might find ourselves playing in a more competitive level.
    The most important thing is for our NT to continue playing. we may lose or draw in friendlies like this but we need to win in actual tournaments like the Suzuki Cup.

  2. Well said.

    Some annoying cunt here don't see.it that way.

  3. oh you mean like yourself?! lol