22 April 2013

NFL Semis Starts Sunday

The 2013 North Football League first conference crossover semifinals for the top four teams will start Sunday in the at Ayala North Points football field, Talisay City.
The four top teams that advance to the semifinals were Dynamic Builders as No. 1; Ceres Liner-No. 2; Silver Dragon, No. 3 and Trimaxi, No. 4.
The other two teams that were eliminated are Real Negrense and Las Buenas Football Club after the end of the elimination.
In yesterday’s match, Dynamic Builder exacted its superiority over Las Buenas beating them, 7-1; Ceres Liner also defeated Silver Dragon, 4-0 and Real Negrense stunned Tri-Maxi, 4-1.
Because of its loss, Tri Maxi was relegated as No. 4 and Silver Dragon as No. 3 squad, although it lost to Ceres Liner.
Dynamic builders got scoring cudgels from ex-varsitarians Jaime Poderoso in the 2nd and 47th minutes; while Jason Panhay followed it up in the 15th and 61st minutes. Ricardo Garcia, Jr. son of PSC Chairman Richie Garcia contributed two goals also in the 26th and 27th minutes and Robert Razel Nene seal the match at 69th minute.
Nico Arandilla was the lone scorer for Las Buenas in the 75th minute.
In the second game, Ceres Liner’s Joshua Fegidero connected three successive goals in the 19th, 52nd and 53rd minutes followed by Carlo Tacusalme in the 75th minute to end the game without giving a chance to Silver Dragon to counter.
In the third game, Real Negrense plays inspired game where prestige is at stake to defeat Tri Maxi, 4-1.
Samson Sari had two goals in the 27th and 35th minute; Rodney Cornel in the 42nd and Luis Christian Claur in the 59th. But before that, Tri Maxi owner Eric Gallaga also connected in the 45th minute. The crossover semifinals will start at 2:30pm Sunday, April 28 and the second game at 5:30pm.Ceres Liner will face Silver Dragon, while Dynamics will meet Tri-Maxi.
The winners will dispute the crown on May 5.*

Negros Daily Bulletin

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