02 October 2011

Mark Hartmann

By Mike Limpag

MARK’S MARK. While I love to get tweets from fellow football fans, some of whom are in Taiwan for the Long Teng Cup, there was one one disturbing tweet from Mark Hartmann that stirred a ruckus.

The Filipino-British player, whose hasn’t even scored a goal, much less a name in the international stage is whining that his stint in the Long Teng Cup is a waste of time because he isn’t starting.

“Not starting again! Someone get me on the next flight home #wasteoftime!” The soon-to-be-former-Azkal-tweeted.

Naturally, a nice diplomatic tweet like that gets a lot of reply, so when I promised to pledge P100 for his plane ticket back home? (Milk’s pretty expensive.)

One fan promised P1,000 and another pledged P3,000 to bring his ungrateful butt home.

Sure, players should have social media lives, but come on! When you put on that uniform, you should have some semblance of responsibility and what does it tell the local players who have strived hard to just be in the training pool only to be cut?

Here’s this guy, who made the team but thinks it’s a waste of time because he isn’t starting?

Things like these only fuel the argument from critics that the Azkals are nothing but a bunch of pa-pogi whiners who are after a good time.

This also reminds me of a suggestion to have all the Azkals undergo a seminar on what they can or cannot say online as this wasn’t the first time that a tweet got a player in trouble.

A seminar is good but I say players like Mark Hartmann should remember one thing, they may have raised the profile of football in this country but they haven’t done shit yet.

Fans have stuck with the team, through the bad times and the great times and if Mark Hartmann thinks it’s a waste of time?

Good riddance!

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  1. 2 anonymous comments in my blog in August about Mark Hartmann :

    "You all don't know the Hartmanns very well. If you knew Mark's true personality, I doubt you will still support him throughout his football career.
    Darren in the other hand may not be as good as his two brothers but he does work harder than both of them so you all can shut it."

    "Mark Hartmann is a fucking douchebag that doesn't deserve any of the attention he's getting. Yes he may be good but he is rotten on the inside."

  2. This guy's a disgrace and should be treated exactly the same as real superstar Carlos Tevez.
    Tevez refused to come on as a sub for Manchester City last week. He's now suspended and been told he'll be going out the back door as soon as another club comes up with the money to get rid of him.
    Fortunately for PFF Mr H is worth $0000.

  3. Thats a lot of zeros.

  4. tweeting should be stopped. they should only be allowed to talk to media. but he's not even a real azkal yet.. haha.. so why talk to media

  5. futbolpunx

    When you say "real azkal". Do you know what your talking about? Do you even know when or how to use the word Azkal? Azkal is the team not the player. You cannot call JYH,Araneta or Caligdong an Azkal coz they are just players. Its the team you Bandwagoner prick. I got nothing against bandwagoners but sometime they are so ignorant that it pisses me off when they try to be smart in football. Just read & learn before you inter-act

  6. Shut it!!! It doesn't matter what to call this team ciz that's another issue. But my take is that M Hartmann conducted himself very poorly. He's part of the team, not the "team", and when his service is needed then he should perform. Sure it must be very frustrating for some young gun to not be able to showcase his talent, but at the end of the day you are part of a team and when your service is needed then you perform. That's the essence of a team player. Sure he can contribute, but the point is that he's a player and players don't make the calls. H

  7. Exactly the case with Tevez. Annoyed at not being in the starting eleven he refused to come on when his side was 0-2 down.
    No team needs ass-o's like that and the only thing a manager can do is offload them.

  8. "Azkal is the team not the player. You cannot call JYH,Araneta or Caligdong an Azkal coz they are just players."

    THIS!!!!! I hate it when people, including the media call a player an azkal!! Like for Carli for example, they say, "he's one of the new azkals in the team." Or it's like saying, Roberto Baggio is one the best Azzuris ever or Zidane was one one of the best ever Les Bleus. Absolute stupidity!!

  9. This is the 21st century. Calling the guys Azkals is a lot easier and friendlier than calling them
    Philippines International Football Players.

  10. Just simply call them a player or players, depending on what is being said. Like the example of Carli. Just simply say, "Carli is one of the new PLAYERS in the national team". Not, "Carli is one of the new azkals in the team". That's just stupid!!

  11. What a whimp.....he is new in the team...a guarantee for playing? if he needs a guarantee for something then he should buy a machine machine or another eletronic device.

  12. If the team was called 'The Azkal' I could understand your semantics but as they're called Azkals in the plural it must mean each player IS an Azkal.
    Enough of this nonsense; let's get back to football.

  13. Just simply call them a player or players, depending on what is being said. Like the example of Carli. Just simply say, "Carli is one of the new PLAYERS in the national team". Not, "Carli is one of the new azkals in the team". That's just stupid!! - A-HOLE! What's wrong with calling a PLAYER an AZKAL? This is what pinoys are used to!

  14. tanggal na yang mayabang Mark na yan! di na rin yan makakapasok sa Macau game hehe! yabang kasi!

  15. There is nothing wrong calling a Phil Nat footballer an "Azkal". That simply means he is part of the "Azkals". It is just like saying Kobe is a "laker"; notice the singular form. There is a country Philippines and people of the Philippines are called filipinos, or filipino if singular. It's the same idea; a description of a person belonging to something. in this case the "Azkals", so the person of that team is called an "Azkal". IDK why there is even an argument over this on here. :D But, to say something like "Carli is the new azkals in the team" is a little wrong. But to say something like "Carli is a new Azkal", or "Carli is one of the new Azkals" is quite accurate. So there you go. lol. But if you get pissed for having someone be called an "Azkal" over "player or players", then I think you've got some issues. lol. It's no big deal, Azkal, player, whatever. You're just making this into a problem really. You're too much into technicalities, and perhaps just being egotistic by showing disagreement over some nonsense really. Get over it. lol.

  16. ^^ agree, man! he really got some issues! hahaha

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