23 October 2011

UFL Cup - Pachanga drew Global FC

Pachanga drew Global FC 2-2 after goals by Joven Bedic and Neckson Leonara. Izzo el-habbib and Franco Borromeo scored for Global FC.

Standings :

Stallion Fc + 7 , 6 points
Global Fc 7-5, + 2, 4 points
Pachanga FC 4-2, +2 , 4 points
Cebu Queen City , -11 , 0 points

Remaining match :

29. Oct Cebu Queen City vs Pachanga, 2 pm at Rizal Stadium

Two of the best third placed teams qualify for round 16. Stallion FC is already qualified.


  1. Pachanga FC will top the group

    Stallion FC advances as runner-up

    Global FC will also advance as one of the two best third placed teams.

    the Group of Death will have 3 teams advancing in the Round of 16

  2. Ano, di ba to special treatment for Global? I know they are a little unlucky and really like them to advance, but I think rules are rules. Usually, only the two best teams will advance in every group. I haven't heard anything like this before. If this is true, This might be first one.

  3. First time mo?hahahaha. FYI, this is not new, top 2 third placers advance. Newbie?:-)

  4. right best 2 third place finisher advance but lets not forget there are other groups..Global has only +2 goals..Global should advance they are the depending champions..it would be a shame if they don't..

  5. The rule is implemented in several AFC competitions. LOL! newbie? :)

  6. how many teams will advance to the round of sixteen?how about on other groups?possible of 21 teams on round of 16?

  7. of course 16 teams will advance to round of 16..2 tops teams from each 7 groups and 2 best third place teams..total is 16..

  8. dont mock newbies man. we want more football fans here -newbies or diehards.

  9. jonny is a pachanga fan?

  10. C'mon you newbie. UFL has a website if you look to the right of this and click the bottom listing . Phils football needs guys who care about the beautiful game, not just one team.
    7 groups of 4. Top 2 in each group plus 2 third best = qualification to the last 16.
    Good Luck to every 1 of the 28 who had the balls to compete!

  11. We dont like mocking them but we hate them when they try to be smart, futbol smart that is.

  12. ^^Feeling expert na naman ang iba dito. Ang Hangin!

    He just said, its not a common practice. Sige nga, cite ng Tournament (with year and teams involved) na ginawa ito. Be specific, expert. Tingnan natin si expert.

    Talaga nandoon sa kanilang site? Sorry hindi ko rin makita. Screenshot pls.

  13. @ anonymous : yes, im officialy a Pachanga fan now. More fun to follow UFL when you support a team...

  14. Expert, nasaan ka na? Ni isa walang ma cite na example ang oldie. LOL