30 October 2011

Cebu Queen City United eyes UFL 2nd division

By Mike T. Limpag
Sunday, October 30, 2011

AFTER a hectic six weeks preparing for the UFL Cup, the players and coaching staff of the Cebu Queen City United will take a break before taking to the pitch anew for its next challenge—the the United Football League Division 2.

“We are planning to hold another tryout soon so we can get more players but for now, we will be resting,” said head coach Mario Ceniza, who also handles Paref Springdale.

Unlike its shortened preparation for the UFL Cup—which only lasted a month—Cebu Queen City United will have a longer preparation for the league, which is expected to start in January.

Ceniza is also hoping the team gets to play a lot of friendly games with tough non-Cebu based teams so the squad will get to adjust to the style of play in the UFL, where top teams are quick to pounce on defensive errors to score a goal.

“I think it’s better that before coming up with the final lineup, we can have a lot of friendlies so we can really see how the players perform,” said Ceniza.

The players need not be college students, though Ceniza said college varsities have the advantage because they are already fit.

“As long as the players meet our requirements. They don’t have to be in college, because as of now, I can’t really speak for what the club can offer for them,” he said.

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  1. Yeah, keep the fighting spirit alive. Try to re-inforce the team with quality foreign players. It will help the players and team elevate the level of competitiveness.