16 October 2011

Monday - AFF Women`s Championship Philippines 0-2 Myanmar (FT)

17 Oct 2011: Myanmar vs Philippines 16.00 (17.00 Manila)

National Stadium , Vientiane, Laos

Myanmar 1-0 Philippines 4 min

Myanmar 2-0 Philippines 44.min

Myanmar win 2-0 against Philippines

Update :

Thailand won 8-1 against Malaysia in the second match in this group today.


  1. Philippines has never defeated Myanmar, Men's or Women's. Expect the trend to continue.

  2. Today`s match is a key match . If they lose this one , they will not get to semifinals. Thailand is too tough.

  3. lol Myanmar 1-0 4th minute.

  4. 4': Myanmar 1-0 Philippines

  5. 2-0 Myanmar, HT!

  6. their coach claims that this team is better than the previous womens national team. im not against the current players. i just dont like the coach. and yabang, akala mo kung sino. wala naman ipagmamalaki. wala pa ngang napapatunayan, ganyan na agad magsalita. oh please.

  7. So he is a Maldito? Napapansin ko din yan

    Check inquirer.net's article way back in February 2009 quoted:

    "The last straw, Cutillas said, was Martinez's alleged failure to act on the supposed meddling by RP women's team manager Ernie Nierras in the affairs of the Under-19 and Under-16 teams."

    "I have... always been guided in the Ethics and Fair Play of the game" Cutillas said.


  8. ha ha ha losing all their matches last time,.,.,expecting thesame fate this time

  9. They did not lose all matches in AFF Championship last time . They were beating Singapore 3-1...

  10. So I thought I was in the minority in thinking that meron pagkayabang ni Nierras. Itsura rin niya mayabang na ang dating. lol. And then pa malditas malditas siya diyan na parang cool. It's definitely one the dumbest things ever..... Philippine women's football...... Malditas. Fuck off!!

  11. well there is a very thin line between being proud of his team and bragging. they treat each other like family. we can't blame him if he bets his name or even his life for them.

  12. The Japanese coach of Myanmar praises the Malditas but Filipinos insult them. What a country we have! No wonder Coach Weiss is frustrated. It was unreasonable to expect a victory against Myanmar after all these years of no activity. This was an honorable defeat and we should be proud of these women. The AFF is a tough tournament for the women because most of the best Filipina footballers cannot come in October because they cannot get released from their USA NCAA Division 1 teams. With those players we would win this tournament, even without foreign coaches, foreign money, and foreign training camps. The Malditas can beat AFF countries like Singapore, Malaysia,Indonesia, Laos, and Cambodia but they have drawn two tough teams to start the tournament after years of neglect by the PFF. I just cannot understand how any proud pinoy would not support this team regardless of their coach. Pilpinas Laban!

  13. "It was unreasonable to expect a victory against Myanmar after all these years of no activity."

    "The AFF is a tough tournament for the women"

    OBVIOUSLY!!! And that's exactly the point!!! The women's national team was being hyped up so much by their own coach to the point where he and even the players believed they were going to be genuine title contenders even though it's so obvious that its gonna be tough especially since this the first time the team has been formed after a hiatus of a couple of years. There also isn't anything which they could use to prove that they were going to be title contenders.

    It's arrogance and stupidity such as this that makes you turn away from supporting your own national team. More so when they're supposedly called the "malditas"! There's no way I'm (and there are others who would agree) supporting a national team where they call themselves with such a name they and other people go around thinking is cool.

  14. I'm no fan of the name but they wear the flag over their hearts. How can you turn your back on your country because you don't like the coach? And how can you tell them to F@#& Off?

  15. "How can you turn your back on your country because you don't like the coach? And how can you tell them to F@#& Off?"

    Get a grip!!

    a) You're being overly dramatic

    b) You're being a goody goody

    nuff said.