26 October 2011

UFL - Teams ready for round of 16

Teams ready for Round of 16 in UFL Cup :

Team Socceroo
Philippine Navy
Philippine Air Force
Green Archers
Philippine Army

Global Fc and Pachanga ready today (Thursday)


  1. It was great to see 28 teams compete in the UFC Cup but it also revealed a scary reality: Filipinos are made to play football but the weather isn't. No grass pitch can withstand the ravages of 22 - often 44 and sometimes 66 - pairs of pounding boots in monsoonal/typhoonal rains and too many games will end up postponed or played in mudbaths.

    Artificial grass is of course the answer but it's an impossible dream for any unrich country. FIFA estimates the cost of completing a single decent quality synthetic turf pitch with floodlights at about $1million with another $10,000 needed annually for maintenance.

    For football to truly develop, these facililities would be needed in every town in the land and only the wealthiest of countries can afford such municipal expenditure.
    But don't give up hope. The Philippine Pacific holds the richest sources of Deuterium on the planet. Wind and solar energy will soon be shown to be a commercial fraud and hydrogen powered cars will become the norm in every city. Deuterium will then become the fuel of the future. The income from its development and export will see a lot more than simple football dreams fulfilled.

  2. Sharing with you our heartfelt passion! Watch this video:

    Team Socceroo Manila, The World is Watching! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q-F9pGnNhZY

    Have a blessed weekend!

    Plenus Pectus,

    Team Socceroo FC