30 October 2011

UFL Cup - Sunday`s matches

Today at UMAK :

Baguio vs Union Internacional

0-1 , 53 min Dibi Pascual for Union
1-1 , 75 Mohamed Abdalla for Baguio

at 7 pm

Sunken Garden 2-2 Manhur

Sunken Garden : Jover , 38 min , Banta , 64 min
Manhur : Emperado 10 min , Mendez , 29 min

Sunken Garden and Manhur qualified to round of 16 .


  1. The pitch at UMAK is atrocious!! How they're sanctioning games with a pitch like that is shocking to say the least!

  2. Coz thats what they do in the Philippines.

  3. This is it. Sunken vs Manhur.

    Global FC is fixed at #15 as the best 3rd placer even the Sunken-Manhur match ends in a draw or a win.

  4. LAOS FC got eliminated.

    FT: Manhur 2 - 2 Sunken

  5. No chance for any promising Pinoy to advance until somebody starts making pitches fit for footballers, not carabaos.

  6. Manhur and Sunken knows what to do to advance and eliminate Laos FC...just draw the game...what do you think...hmmmm???

  7. hahaha! rubbish! why would they connive on eliminating laos? they got a draw because they were evenly matched during that point. laos already had their chance by playing the same number of games and they blew it.