24 October 2011

Matt Hartmann - SEA Games U23 Captain

From Loyola FC Facebook page:

"Congratulations to the new Captain of the Philippine U23 Squad headed to the SEA Games, Matthew Hartmann. And good luck to his teammates in Indonesia, Mark Hartmann and Jake Morallo."

Update :

Good morning! Re about the Captaincy for the U23 squad, we are still verifying if it is true. I stand corrected.
-tweet from Loyola FC (Oct 24)

Latest update :

Darren Hartmann confirmed that his brother Matt will be SEA Games captain


  1. And I thought de Jong is their captain. I've read an article saying that de Jong is adjusting with his new responsibility. What happened?

  2. yes why not de jong..I think he deserves it more

  3. de jong children born in any country? he speaks what language? he has said are playing for their country does not?

    I think the captain who was also, we are not a citizen so many other players go, this player De Jong What are the sources that so strange? he can communicate with teammates or not?

  4. Please citizenship for Balotelli, good players, but many other players, sorry for the talent too.

  5. I think De Jong deserves to be the captain, maybe his vice- captain. The reason he might not be the captain is his ill-temperdness or they're afraid after one game they won't have a captain because De Jong usually collects red or yellow cards. but it just shows his dedication and passion for the team but let's just support our team