19 October 2011

Today : AFF Women`s Championship - Philippines 1-5 Thailand

Today AFF Women`s Championship . Thailand vs Philippines in Vientiane , Laos

Update :

Thailand score 1-0 , 10 min
Thailand 2-0 , 28 mins
Thailand 3-0, 43 mins

HT score 3-0

Thailand 4-0 , 50 min
Thailand 5-0 , 53 min
Philippines score ! 5-1 , 85 min

FT score 5-1

Myanmar won 8-0 against Malaysia.

Myanmar and Thailand ready for semifinals.


  1. So what's gonna happen now? The coach will be "pissed off" again and say that they should've won? lol!!

  2. Not a bad result considering it's the Thais. Who scored?

  3. Samantha Nierras with a header. Yes it is not an unexpected result considering the Thais beat Malaysia 8-1.

  4. Like the men, ladies need corporate sponsorship to develop. But sponsors expect some kind of sales payback. What product can you promote with women who wear only one unsexy outfit and play a game where make-up and hairstyle are irrelevant?

  5. Michael Jordan did all right with sponsorships even though he had no hair or makeup. Beckham sells hair products and perfume. I think the Malditas are better looking than Beckham lol. The Malditas are in a situation where they need funding to even enter tournaments and to be successful. Sponsors are not interested in team that goes dormant for years. Their only real hope is to get sponsorships from companies who want to give without expecting profits in return.
    I am expecting a good result in their next game. Hopefully they will build on that and get funding to enter the AFC and World Cup. If there is money to send the SEA Games team to Japan there should be money for the Malditas.

  6. Ernie Nierras report on the game:


  7. Vietnam beat Indonesia 14-0, beat indonesia 11 -0 Laos, Singapore lost to Vietnam comprehensive 1-9, lost to Laos 1-5, lost to Indonesia 1-3 ..

    In short women's football teams like Indonesia, Malaysia, Cambodia, East Timor, Brunei and Philippines teams road to the stone round pick out a single team to compete in the AFF Women's 2011 award. They only road to the role of team Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, Myanmar and tactical training to score finishing stage and perform impromptu football for fun.