29 October 2011

UFL: Pachanga trounces Cebu XI

By Cedelf P. Tupas
Philippine Daily Inquirer

MANILA, Philippines—Newcomer Pachanga blanked Cebu Queen City Landmasters United, 4-0, Saturday to clinch top spot in Group C in the United Football League Cup at the University of Makati pitch.
Barotac Nuevo-born striker Joven Bedic was on target for the third straight game while three other players scored for Pachanga, which finished on top of the group after tallying seven points on two wins and a draw.
Pachanga leapfrogged past Stallion FC as the top team in the group heading into the last 16. Defending champion Global is also well-positioned to reach the next round from the group as one of the wildcard entries intended for the two best third-placed teams.
In the second game, Pasargad and Green Archers fought to a 1-1 draw.
With the stalemate, both teams advanced as the top two teams from Group G with Green Archers ruling the bracket with seven points and Pasargad finishing second with four.
The other qualifiers for the last 16 so far are Nomads (Group A), Loyola Meralco and Team Socceroos (Group B), Stallion FC (Group C), Kaya-Cignal and Diliman Victory Liner (Group D), Air Force Phoenix and Navy Red Juice (Group E) and Philippine Army (Group G).
Bedic, who struck in matches against Stallion and Global, completed the scoring for Pachanga in the 54th minute with a half-volley from the edge of the area after a long punt from goalkeeper Mark Sorongon.
Substitute Ronnel Lagrimas, coming in for the injured Shilmar Felongco, struck in the 13th minute, firing a first-time shot into the bottom corner after he was set up by Alu Kigbu.
The Cebuanos also had their chances with Ariel Cahilig testing Sorongon from long range in the 28th minute and also from a tight angle five minutes later.
Cebu was made to pay for not taking their opportunities as Gino Palomo doubled the lead for Pachanga in the 42nd minute.
Rushing down the right flank, Palomo did well to slot the ball beyond the Cebu keeper’s reach, before finding Kigbu a minute later who had plenty of time and space to fire into the back of the net.



  1. Clinical counter attack by Pachanga. Bedic's goal was the match's best.

  2. makikita talaga kung sino ang mga banban at crappy na players. players na malalaki ang tiyan. haha. extra rice

  3. bedic serbian ba 2 hehehe. galing mo.

  4. Why is not Bedic in Japan with Azkals U23 ?

  5. ^^Perhaps its because he's not as good as some people make him out to be and Weiss probably had a similar opinion therefore wasn't chosen to go to Japan!

    Seriously though, the guy was so hyped up even when he was 17 when he was part of the player pool for the 2008 AFC Challenge Cup qualifiers. He was even being dubbed the next biggest thing in Philippine football. He never made an appearance in those qualifiers and dwindled away a bit after that. To date, he still hasn't made any appearances for any national teams... be it the seniors, the U19's in 2009, or the U23's this year! And that's probably all he is.... hype! Even Valmayor looks a much better prospect!

    "players na malalaki ang tiyan. haha. extra rice"

    Maybe extra sisig rice!! haha!

  6. Bedic actually took a break from football some time ago. I saw him in the tuneup games in 2008 and i thought he was good for his age. He was 18 at that time, and not 17. Yeah im nitpicking. LOL and id say that Bedic didnt get to play in the qualifiers in 2008 because someone in the PFF suddenly took charge and decided to call in some reinforcements from abroad just a couple of weeks before the tournament started.

    Anyway, Joven still has the potential because he is still young. And where is Beloya? He is a very good striker also and should be with the U23. Id like to see one of them taking over for Ian Araneta, which isnt that good. They could have the potential to be alot better than him.

    The azkals have changed, and so have the PFF, but some things havent changed for ages. And that is, that there are often many players who are on the national team who arent amongst the best in the country. Can anyone say Camcam? HAHA and the past year, there have been a bunch of players who have suited up for the azkals who arent anywhere near national team quality. No need to mention any names, as most people would know who im talking about. I already mentioned Camcam.

    Have a good sunday folks. And please do eat some sizzling sisig, its tasty! LOL

  7. LOL!! You want nitpicking.... OK. Bedic WAS 17 before AND during those qualifiers 2008 as his DoB is 8 June '91!! There!

    "and id say that Bedic didnt get to play in the qualifiers in 2008 because someone in the PFF suddenly took charge and decided to call in some reinforcements from abroad just a couple of weeks before the tournament started."

    The first three words you used... "and I'D say" with an emphasis on "I'D". You're claims of Bedic not playing because of so and so is just an opinion and not a fact!

    Someone from the PFF decided to take charge? LOL!! These players from abroad were always being eyed to join the team for those qualifiers! Therefore it's not an excuse to defend Bedic not making any appearances at that time. At the least he could have made an appearance or two from the bench yet he wasn't able to accomplish that either!

    And ya, Bedic still has the potential....... potential to become a decent player that is and nothing more! Like I've said there are other strikers that already look a better prospect than him like Valmayor for example.

    Oh and lastly... CAMCAM SUCKS ASS!!!!! lol!!!!

  8. Youre wrong. Fegidero didnt want any players from abroad who werent in shape. He clearly said he wanted players who was in shape, and not foreign based players who rarely played. But someone went behind his "back" and called in for instance Chad Gould who rarely played regular football in the UK. That was only one of the things why he only was in charge for the azkals that year. The PFF was intereferring, unlike now when Palami can do whatever he wants, like having the players he wants on the team. Of course it would be easier for Bedic to get playing time if the PFF didnt decide to go manhunting for players just a few weeks before the tournament started, and Fegidero was "forced" to use those players. Chad Gould is for instance not any better than Ian Araneta, and Araneta isnt that better than Bedic. Chads only advantage was that he was good at arial balls. Other than that, he aint that good.

    Thats one of the things that has improved the last year, they dont call in players who arent playing regular football or are totally out of shape. In the past players like Chad Gould could just walk in and getting playing time on the behalf of the homegrown players who can actually do a better job. Thats my personal opinion.

    And why are you negative all the time? Everytime i read your comments, it reaks of negativity, but hey, at least you have the guts to say whats on your mind, unlike most fans.

    Btw, Bedic is already a decent player. ;)

    And most filipino goalies sucks, with a very few exceptions. LOL

  9. Chad Gould not any better than Araneta?!?! May I know what you're smoking?

    Fegidero may not have wanted players who weren't in shape, but the only foreign based player that fit into that category was Gould himself. The Younghusbands and Greatwich brothers (Chris and Phil at that time) were fit and playing regular club footy.

    At the same time, he may not have wanted to call up the foreign based players but he still ended up using all of them regularly! And again, Bedic couldn't even get playing time even as a sub!

    I'm negative?? All I'm doing is calling things the way it is. If you already perceive that as negative then..... I don't what to say. Typical Philippines I guess! Too many people (supposed fans) just love to go along with everything. If something negative happens, they'll sugar coat it a bit and then move on as if nothing happened. They can't seem to handle criticism. And criticism to most of these people (or even Filipinos in general) is perceived as bashing which is false!

    Ya Bedic is already decent.... my point exactly, which means his ceiling isn't that high.

  10. I dont smoke. Hahaha

    Have you seen Chad Gould play alongside Ian Araneta? Theyre pretty much at the same level. Why do you think Chad only used to play for RESERVE teams for non-league clubs? For all the clubs he has played for, he only played for the reserve team. I think that pretty much says it all. And the statistics are online. Even his father, who lives in Cebu, thought he was playing first team football, but that wasnt the case.

    As for the Younghusbands in 2008. If i remember correct, James were out of contract and was not in a good shape. I remember him in 2008 as a whiney player who barely ran and was pretty much stationary on the field. He was definetly not in good shape, and he also struggled to keep up in some of the tune up games against college teams. But he has improved alot this last year. For Phil, that was his last stint with Chelsea, and was released that year.

    All this talk about medal in SEA, well... Theyre out of their minds. Im surprised that even Weiss says their goal is to get 10 points. It could happen, but its unlikely. If they wanna get a medal, or go through to the semis, they need to beat japanese high school teams. I doubt that most high school teams in Japan are that good.

  11. what is the nationality of alu kigbu? wala lang just wondering.

  12. Cebu was beaten 4-0 but it doesn't really reflect how the game was played, they were controlling the game for most of the match, only to lose on the very few counter attacks that pachanga made, they were quick to pound on the defensive lapses of this neophyte team. Give it a few months and this will be a team to reckon with. We should also credit them for being the only provincial team brave enough to venture into the UFL, it is not that easy, considering the tremendous cost that they must have incurred out from their own pockets. we salute you Cebu, may your example be an inspiration for other provinces to follow. Good Luck in your future games.