21 October 2011

Friendly - U23 NT 9-1 Laos FC

SEA Games team (U23) playing a friendly against Laos Fc today at 4 pm in Rizal Stadium.

This will be the last friendly before going to Japan

Update :

U23 NT won 9-1 against Laos FC

Jingoy Valmayor 3 goals
Mark Hartmann 3 goals
Romeo Martinez 1 goal
OJ Clarino 1 goal
Own goal

SEA Games team XI :

Christopher Camcam GK 1 st half , Paolo Pascual second half
Mark Drinkuth
Mark Hartmann
Matt Hartmann
Jingoy Valmayor
Jason de Jong
Patrick Hinrichsen
Neckson Leonara
Reymark Fernandez
Jake Morallo
Marwin Angeles

subs martinez, clarino, basa, barbaso, marvin angeles, 2 from belgium, unabia


  1. We should massively citizenship so many players all over the world

  2. Jingoy Valmayor scored again, 1-0 (?)

  3. 1-1 , ball slipped from camcam. Twitter

  4. u23 players. Hartmann bros, de jong, hinrichsen, valmayor, camcam


  5. camcam definitely sucks!

  6. camcam is just a tall player who doesn't know what he is doing in the field. he should have focused on age groups before playing for the azkals. totally - palpak! can't even clear a ball, very poor technique

  7. FYI Romeo Martinez scored the 8th goal and Ojay Clarino scored the last goal.

  8. Thanks. Did they play from start? Do you know the complete starting eleven ?

  9. starting 11, camcam, fernandez, mat and mark hartmann, marwin angeles, leonora, valmayor, de jong, Hinrichsen, Drinkuth, morallo

    subs martinez, clarino, basa, barbaso, marvin angeles, 2 from belgium, unabia

  10. great, you were very smart when citizenship is a lot of players that citizenship, wish you success at the SEA Games team is looking for this new situation.