22 October 2011

UFL Cup - Saturday`s matches

Stallion Fc vs Cebu Queen City FC

Stallion Fc 1-0, Lee ju yeong, 10 min
2-0 , pi yong jae, 17. min
3-0 Vince Braga , 27 min

HT 3-0

4-0, Kim Jae Woo
5-0, Kim Jae Woo
6-0, Kim Jae Woo
7-0 Ruben Doctora
8-0 Ruben Doctora

8-0 FT

Air Force vs Navy

1-0 Air Force , Ian Araneta, 36 min
2-0 Air Force , Chieffy Caligdong, 45 min

2-0 HT

3-0 Yanti Barsales
4-0 Ian Araneta
5-0 Cheffy Caligdong
6-0 Winie Subere
6-1 Paul Torres
6-2 Arnold Perino

6-2 FT


  1. now i will wait for the article from some cebuano reporters...ina underestimate kasi nila ang mga stallion eh..wahaha

  2. iba tlg maglaro ang mga ilonggo..go stallion....panalo nanaman airforce

  3. Cebu is going home......

  4. Iba talaga maglaro ang Koreano. Joke! Kim was just fantastic in that game. Doctora was very impressive with his pace. The second goal was just awesome. Stallions FC was two of the best goals( Gustillo and Pi). Sorry to Global fans, but Satllions and Pachangca will advance. Sana lng naman ang mga Ilonggo will watch it live. Hindi ko nakita kahapon ang kanilang support sa kanilang team.

  5. Backline of Cebu did not play as a group, halatang halata. More cohesion needed and they should have opted for younger players with better stamina.