19 October 2011


VIENTIANE (19 Oct 2011) – Thailand picked up the full six points after two matches in the AFF Women’s Championship 2011 – this time blasting the Philippines 5-1 at the National Stadium.

Following up from their 8-1 humiliation of Malaysia in the opening match two days ago, the Thais were playing very much at the same level and showed no sign of letting up.

In the tenth minute, captain Junpen Seesraum nailed the opener with a stinging shot that came off the crossbar before crossing the line into goal.

The Philippines tried to move the ball forward but with them having difficulty to win the midfield battle, the afternoon was always going to be a long one despite the several ‘imported’ players on their side.

Some sustained pressure afterwards, saw Thailand finally getting down to business once again where in the 29th minute, Kanjana Sung-Jeon cut in through from the right, before putting the ball away past the reach of Philippines custodian Inna Palacios.

A minute to the end of the first half, it was 3-0 with a fine effort from Sunisa Srangthaisong from inside the box.

In a three minute blitz, midfielder Nisa Romyen nailed two goals on a trot to put Thaiand comfortably in front and in total control as they took their feet off the pedal.

The Thai camp then made several substitutions to allow the lesser players the chance to see action and this included introducing striker Taneekarn Dangda – the sister to Thai national striker Teerasil – to the fray.

With Thailand on cruise control, the Philippines managed to squeeze one goal in when a frantic chase for clearance allowed Samantha Nierras to head in the ball for the final scoreline.



  1. National team of Filipino women are too weak, you should get training before the tournament in the regional countries such as Brunei, Singapore, Cambodia or the superpowers of women's football in the region such as Vietnam, Thailand, Myanmar ..

    Hopefully future Filipino women's football can catch the level of Laos or Malaysia / wish success

  2. Women should disband this team, so the Philippines is lacking in quality and professional training to female players.

  3. why?? do you think Filipino Football Women could not catch the level of the country's that you said?? think before you talk!! idiot! watch out if they win tonight against those country that you used to compare with..you better move out!!

  4. ganyan ang malditas - talunan na nagyayabang pa, LIKE COACH LIKE PLAYERS or maybe the other way around. as what i've heard the team players are coaching the coach...
    they have to admit their shortcomings as a team and be humble.it's not the training , it's the attitude