03 June 2013

Clear Dream Match on August 24

A new Clear Dream match is scheduled to take place on August 24 in Manila.

Clear Dream match is a match between friend of Phil Younghusband vs friends of James Younghusband

Robert Pires and Fabio Cannavaro is expected to come to Manila !


  1. There have been announced on the television that any school interested on sports development program of the CLEAR DREAM FOOTBALL. Our school (BAGONG BAYAN ELEMENTARY SCHOOL, MAUBAN SOUTH DISTRICT, MAUBAN, QUEZON) have an Elementary Grassroots Club, combination from grades three to six pupils. The members of this club was belong to lower level of the community and families. We are starting to develop the young ones, from these reason we are trying to connect the programs of CLEAR for the sports development of our school. The members showed their eagerness and interest for this event. Thanks if this will be possible to happen. This is their principal and coach (ELENAR B. OPEÑA- Principal II and coach) (openaelenar@yahoo.com) (09197922840)

  2. Interested and willing if our team is given a chance to join.Please visit our page at https://www.facebook.com/pages/Kidchester-Football-Club/187216394672129?ref=hl.. we're from Mindanao, Pagadian City....Thank you and God Bless...

  3. could somebody tell me how to register ? Reply ASAP