09 June 2013

Azkals U23 updates

Philippines U23 (Azkals U23) will be playing a friendly in Singapore on June 13 against Singapore U23.

The friendly will be played at Hougang Stadium at 7.45 pm.

No official squad list is available and some reports that UFL clubs dont want to release players for the friendly.

Rhayan Cruz is the team manager and Brian Reid from Global Fc is the head coach.

The team had training camp this weekend. Mark Hartmann (Loyola ), Matthew Uy (Loyola) , Angelo Marasigan Verheyen (Loyola )  Jason Arroyo (Nomads) Aaron De Rama (Nomads) and others were at the training camp.

Sqaud list could be ready this Monday , expect that several well known players will be missing


  1. Who the hell is Rhayan Cruz?! He's also seriously taking the piss... "official name"?!? lol!! So this an U-23 club team now?! wtf!!

  2. Spelling pa lang ng pangalan (Rha-yan)alam mo nang TOOL. Hahahaha!

    1. Ya that too! "Rhayan"... lol wtf!!

  3. bring top players from the pff suzuki u23 nationals instead. they deserve a look.
    it won't affect our rank anyway if we give newbies a chance.

    1. seems that Bacolod based players from PFF U23 Champions Ceres Fc was not invited for this weekend training camp.

      I think a official squad list for Singapore U23 could be ready tomorrow , Would be interested to see how many from PFF U23 Suzuki Cup are getting call up for Singapore friendly...

  4. The PFF does it again! That's their style you know they give last minute notice to clubs and schools just like what they did in U15 Little Azkals who competed in the FAM-Frenz ASEAN Championship presently. And the result is always a loss for our teams because clubs and even the UFL was not informed about this and the PFF will just say 'kunin nyo sa office yung letter if you want explanations' (they were not informed ahead of time)... Wow! and that is coming from the PFF Technical director himself Coach Aris Caslib.

  5. Another minion of Palami just like Genota.

  6. Siya ata yung sa isa sa may-ari ng LGR. parang ganon.

  7. List of players has been released. Good to see that Mark Hartmann is back.

    AGUINALDO, Amani Manuel
    AGUISANDA, Ronnie
    ARBOLEDA, Fitch Johnson Daviz
    BELOYA, Joshua
    BUGAS, Paolo
    DEYTO, Patrick Phillip
    DORIMON, Neil
    FERNANDEZ, Raymark
    FORNEA, David Franz
    HARTMANN, Mark
    LIAY, Carlo Leo
    MARASIGAN, Angelo
    OCTAVIO, Nathan
    POLI, Marco
    THEUER, Jeremy James
    UY, Matthew Christopher
    VALMAYOR, Gerardo III