03 June 2013

Azkals updates Monday - Jason de Jong injured

Jason de Jong tweeted :

"Can't play cause of a back injury tomorrow!"

Javier Patiño is not going to Hong Kong.

Manny Ott is reported injured and doubtful for tomorrow.

Squad is down to 15 or 16 men.

Latest :

Lexton Moy who plays football for  a Macau club seem to have joined Azkals squad


  1. Useless!! Makes this friendly even more a waste of time!

  2. Lexton Moy is now back with the team. I wonder why the azkals cant seem to try new players like the rest of the world do. Are they so hung up on the rankings? They always stick to the same players.

    1. Simple.
      Cause we don't have any developmental plan.
      Once in a while we find foreign players with parents from our country to represent us we brag like he is the messi and ronaldo of football.
      Just think if this guys are.really good you think they want to represent us or their country of origin
      Our real pool of players is like 20 max.
      Basically we are always screwed in football because of this fact.

    2. Who are u to say there isnt any developmental plan? U part of some planning committee in a sports asoc? If not then dont mislead others with ur opinions.

    3. Id have to say its true. Thats why they never want to use homegrown players.

    4. Believe that is a fact not opinion unless u call hosting one day tournament as a development plan?

    5. Doesnt mean they dont do those in the present, they dont have a DEVELOPMENT plan. I dont know what stuff u guys say about what development is but the football scene in the Philippines is hella better than it was in the past century.

    6. Better in making a brand of azkals.
      How abt other areas like youth development and setting up professional league??

    7. Years ago ud have to join the armed forces if u wanted to continue a career in football. Years ago there wasnt an under23 suzuki cup, a UFL cup, a singa cup, a presidents cup, a smart football cup or an abundance of 7asides and 9asides tournaments to play in. Years ago it was a struggle for the pff to fund national teams unlike now where its been noticeable that youth teams get more international exposure. U expect Phil Football to improve within 3 years bandwagonner? Then i expect u to think twice. No country can get that succesful in a short amount of time. As for me i like what im seeing now cause its a whole lot better than it was years ago.

    8. Note to share: Last 2005, i couldnt believe my eyes when i saw an Azkals game being televised on tv. Being a kid, i never knew there was a national football team. Solarsports was covering the SEA games and it included football in its coverage, a first. Jump forward 8 years later, theyve become a "brand" as uve mentioned. If u dont call that development then i dunno what that is.