13 December 2012

Pairings for knockout stages of PFF Smart National Club championships set

By Karl Decena

The Philippine Football Federation, together with partner SMART, has announced the pairings of the 16 teams which will battle in the knockout stages of the PFF-SMART National Club Championships next year.

For the first time in the tournament, ten of the best squads in the United Football League will clash with six clubs from provinces, which went through the competition’s qualifiers played all over the country.

Reigning League champion and Cup finalist Global will face Nomads Auction Manila at the Rizal Football Stadium in Manila, while another Cup finalist Penson Stallion Giligan’s will play Ceres FC of Negros Occidental at the Panaad Stadium in Bacolod.

Green Archers United Globe will clash with Romgarjal FC of Zamboanga Del Norte at the Dipolog Sports Complez in Zamboanga, while the Loyola Meralco Sparks will tangle with Flame United FC of Cavite at the Rizal Stadium.

Surprise Cup quarterfinalist General Trias International FC will slug it out against Baguio United FC at the Benguet State University football field, while UFL squads Cebu Queen City United and Pachanga will collide at the Cebu Aboitiz Sports Field.

League runner-up Kaya FC will face M’Lang FC of North Cotabato at the Koronadal Sports Complex in Cotabato, while fellow UFL teams Philippine Army and Pasargad face each other at the Rizal Stadium to complete the pairings in the Round of 16.

“Football fans have a lot to look forward to this year,” SMART’s chief wireless advisor Orlando Vea said. “Most of the members of the Azkals – the national football team – are also playing for the participating teams just like Phil and James Younghusband who are part of the Loyola FC.”

The matches will be played on January next year.



  1. once again no one will comment at this post as this is just local football.
    if it involves Azkals sure have comments one.
    Just don't waste time with local tournaments, go global hunting for foreign born like we have always done.
    so embrassing and disgraceful.

    1. The reason for that is because local football is shit!!! End of!! There's a lack of organization, professionalism, rules and regulations and what have you! Until that gets sorted (might not be for a very long time), hardly anyone would give a shit, and rightly so!

      But putting local football aside, what's your beef with the foreign born players in the national team?!? It's a fucking national team! The best players should get called up! Currently, and for the foreseeable future, those players will be the foreign born ones! What's embarrassing and disgraceful is this little rant of yours! Always pointing out the use of foreign born players in the NT to the lack of development locally.... lol!! It's so typical, old and irritating!!

      If you really want to connect the two, then like I said, there is a lack of many things, some of which I've pointed out above. So how can you expect local football to properly take off when those things which are also foundations of development, are sorely lacking?? Also, football development has only been reignited the last couple years, and you expect it bear fruit this early? And also for the NT to be filled with homegrown talent when it's quite clear most of them suck ass?!? LOL!!!!

    2. my "beef" with the foreign-born players? they are foreign-born players! I have a soft spot for the local homegrown players even if for now they suck because THEY ARE NOT FOREIGN-BORN!!! we can call them our very OWN. the line up we have that you are you so obsessed on filled with these knuckleheads from different points of the world no matter how good they are, its not a NATIONAL team. Technically they are because the rules allows them to play but strictly speaking they are foreigners still.


    3. Clearly, ikaw lang ang ulol dito!! You fucktard!!

      So what if they're foreign born?!? You not liking them strictly because they're foreign born is just fucked up!! It just shows, how closed minded and stuck up you are!! Not to mention, stuck in the past!!

      It's also quite evident that you weren't much of a football person before the so called renaissance of the Philippine football. Therefore, without these knuckle heads, as you like to call them, Philippine football would still be where it was at prior to 2010..... nobody giving a shit, no money, no nothing!! And you wouldn't be here to rant as well!! So STFU!!

      What's also ironic is that, I'm quite sure you're also one them people that expected us to win the Suzuki Cup or just has over the top expectations and yet here you are ranting like a spoiled bitch that there aren't enough homegrown talent in the national team! LOL!!!! Again, STFU, what you're ranting about is tiring and really old!!

    4. It is what it is. You and your mama can party on your fantasy about foreign players. Your mama must be one of em that bends over and getting a good bangin azkal-style, arf-arf! Oh just STFU guirado mi papi and give to me oh oh...

  2. Well I do, and it is this:

    It's gonna get better, this league. It's gonna get better because of what you just said. Somewhere is a player putting in extra time and extra effort to becoming better than his or her "counterparts" from Europe or elsewhere.

    This league will be a platform for most of the Filipino kids to say, "hey, we can play too!" Because for each time the Azkals management recruit one player from abroad, 10 or more of the local kids will try to sort themselves out and will one day attempt to tilt that equation.

  3. ulol maraming mga batang pinoy dyan na gustong maglaro ng football kaso wlang lega,d sila pinapansin ang sabihin nyu guato nyu manalo kaagad ng d pinaghihirapan wlang madaling laban mga bullshit puro kau fil-for cguro kaya cla nanuod ng football kc mga malalandi cla d alam ung nilalaro kc mga mukha at katawan ng players ang iniimagine kundi mga bakla hek hek...... yan ba ang fans o fantasya he he he........