26 December 2012

Friendly matches for Azkals ?

Azkals is scheduled to start preparations in mid January for AFC Challenge Cup Qualifiers in Early March.

No friendly matches have been confirmed yet.

A romour earlier was that Azkals was going to play  a middle Eastern team , possibly Kuwait in late January.

FIFA match date is on February 6 , and Philippines is expected to play on that day .

What teams are available on that day ? ASIAN Cup qualifiers start same day so many good Asian teams will not be available.

Opponent for that match day will likely be one of the AFC Challenge Cup teams from one of the other groups. Tajikistan would be a perfect match , but other teams like India, Palestine , Myanmar , Laos , Taiwan or Bangladesh could be opponent. Maldives the host of 2014 AFC Challenge Cup finals could also be a good team to play.

Maybe PFF would surprise and bring a good African NT or New Zealand to Philippines for that
match day ?

A possible third friendly in late February is also possible , maybe against a local UFL team or  a team from another AFC Challenge group ?

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