19 December 2012

Malditas prime up for WCup Asian elims

By Olmin Leyba

Fresh from a successful tryouts in the US highlighted with its win over the LA Viking Cup, the Philippine Malditas go for a breakthrough next year in the Asian qualifiers for the Fifa Women’s World Cup Canada 2015.
“You better watch out for the Malditas,” said Phl XI coach Ernie Nierras. “We just won the LA Viking Cup and we have a lot of (new) good players (from the US tryouts/training camp).”
Reinforced by Fil-Ams and Fil-Canadians who attended their camp last November, the Pinay booters beat California Cosmos on penalty shootout to cop the 2012 LA Viking Cup, a four-team tournament designed to promote the highest level of women’s soccer in Southern California.
Nierras said they have tabbed a good bunch of high-caliber recruits, including three who had previously suited up for the US youth sides, as they embark on an ambitious drive to qualify for the Women’s World Cup.
“We have 17 division one players and another three – all Fil-Ams – who actually played for the US Under 23 and Under-20 teams. So we expect a big improvement for the Malditas,” he said.
The Malditas will play in the first round of the Asian qualifiers for the World Cup in May 2013 in Bangladesh, where they are bracketed in Group B with the hosts, Thailand and Iran. Winner of the group will advance to the second round, which will award slots to the 2015 World Cup in Canada to the top 5 teams.
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“We have a very good chance of winning that group and enter the second round. If we get in the Top 5 (in Round 2), then we’ll go to the World Cup. This is the closest we’ll have to getting in the World Cup so it’s very important we get the support, too,” said Nierras.
The Malditas have ended the year at 83rd in the Fifa world rankings, an improvement of two spots from their previous standing last September.



  1. Stupid article u think thailand and iran sending high school players?
    Our football articles always talking as though our team is unbeatables?

  2. yan ka nanaman! ang laki nanaman ng bibig mo! pag walang dumating na fil-for ano watch out pa din?

  3. "Malditas prime up for WCup Asian elims"

    In other words, "BITCHES prime up for WCup Asian elims".

    Also agree Anonymous 20 December 2012 01:15. Philippine media is very biased. I guess that's part of Philippine culture, having too much pride for their own (perhaps too much for their own good) and it also reflects in these types of reports.

  4. What do you expect from bad breath Nierras?

  5. I believe that the above comments are prime examples of "crab mentality". Ernie is absolutely correct. The team that played in the USA is better than Thailand and Iran. Neither of those countries can match the number of Pinays that have played at the top level of USA university football. They have grown up from the age of 5 playing with quality coaches, equipment, fields, and competition. The American born keeper saved a penalty kick from the captain of the Mexican WNT. A Canadian born striker from the University of Miami scored 5 goals in one game. Thailand knows that the Malditas are not the same team that put 16 and 17 year old girls on the team who had only been playing for 5 years. This team is big, strong, fast,experienced and very good. These girls have been playing on American and Canadian club and university teams that are better than Thailand.
    Puma is really missing out by not providing the team with uniforms.
    I expect this team to win if the PFF and sponsors fund it.

    1. stupid moron bragging?
      use your bloody brains for once.
      saving penalty in friendly is nothing.
      beside if the american is really that good would you wanto represent our country?
      USA is world no 1 ranking in football.
      Do not go around tell people its because they love their roots crap.
      the correct statment should be they are just glad they get a chance to play international football as they have no other option left.

    2. the malditas coach, you say, might be bragging, but he can back it up. two wins: LA VIkingc Cup and the Stallions, that's what's up. you can talk shit all you want and that's all you can do. the man doesn't care what you say. he knows his shit and doesn't give a popcorn fart about a about yals opinions.

      between the the Philippine WNT and the MNT, the former has a better chance of qualifying for the world cup.

      by the way, anonymous 07:44, mind your manners, stud. is this what you learn from your dad every time you watch him beat up your mom? you f*n retard, u don't know the difference between your elbow and your a** hole.

    3. the malditas coach and stallion coach is shit

  6. Some people are so proud of American soccer and even dreaming of beating the likes of Iran and Thailand who are already powerhouse in the women's team in South east asia. America had not yet won a World Cup and we cannot expect to win against teams in SE if they only train for months compared to others who train since they were 8 yrs old.

    1. ok, try again, we didn't get it.

    2. US WNT has not won the World Cup??? Which planet did you come from??? US WNT has dominated the women's soccer. Wow, you should respect yourself and not make comments you are not well informed with. By the way, how did US team get on here when we are talking about our PWNT? Not so sure where you are heading here.

    3. Haha..
      Very correct US woman teams has won the world cup many times.
      Don't understand why a dumbass would say they have not unless he or she have never watch or understand football.
      No wonder idiots keep talking about friendly games and tournaments.
      Winning them is nothing as teams usually take this a a learning experience.
      Don't understand why we should be jubilant about friendly result unless you want to rack up points in ranking which mean nothing like the England.
      Shameful we have morons commenting here.

  7. The bottom line is that the USA and Canadian girls play football at at much higher level than SE Asia. Their University teams are good enough to beat AFF national teams. The Azkals learned in Japan that Japanese university teams are much better than Vietnam MNT. It is the same with the US NCAA Division 1 players. Are they good enough to play for the gold medal and bronze medal USA and Canada Olympic teams? No. Are they much better than any Filipino football team, ever? definitely.

    1. Don't even bother explaining this to bunch of bricks. Lol. They'll never understand because they are all knowing, egomaniacs, and false "experts". They know nothing else but to talk down on their people who are trying to make our puny state a name in football, or of anything for that matter in the world scene. It's a sad truth; hence the term "crab mentality" so deeply associated to the Filipinos. With this sorry part of the culture is reflected in what we are as a nation in the world scene; we are nothing... Not much respect from the outside world because many of our people don't have respect for one another but wishes of failure as it seems. I often wonder why is it so hard for others to respect those who dream and working hard to make a break through at something or anything. These girls did nothing wrong if you have a fair state of mind, and all they are asking is for a county to have their back as they will bear the country into gaining the respect of other nations. Is that so difficult to give??? I suppose others on here have some beef with the coach, I don't know the coach so I cannot judge, but leave personal stuff out because this is for our PWNT. I don't understand these bricks at all. So don't even bother explaining things to them. Lol. Keep on supporting, and believe that these girls will get there, our athletes and the nation will make a breakthrough.