07 December 2012

FIFA World Ranking for Women

FIFA World Ranking for women for December released today :

Philippines up 2 to number 83


29 Thailand +1
30 Vietnam +1
47 Myanmar -
67 Indonesia -1
81 Laos +1
83 Philippines +2
85 Malaysia +1
97 Singapore -5



  1. It really doesn't mean anything. The games they won in L.A. were impressive but have no effect on FIFA rankings because they were against club teams. The AFF team was much better than Indonesia. The team they had in L.A. would be a good bet to beat Thailand or Vietnam and would beat Laos and the Indons by several goals. We'll just have to wait until April to see which players can travel across the Pacific to play in the AFC qualifier and which local players have recovered from injury. Until then we really won't know just how the Malditas rank in the AFC.

  2. Yes. Its too bad it doesnt affect the ranking cause it would have been interesting to see how much that would have moved it up. The problem now is that the strength of the team that won in LA laid mostly on the college players that participated. If even half of them dont make it across the Pacific, it will have a huge negative impact. Having it in April adds to the challenge since all of them will still be in school.

  3. of course course it means something. categorically and in relation to the rankings the LA result might not yield an immediate impact to the campaign but long term wise i believe the event laid down some templates that could prove very useful to the coaching staff and PFF. i thought the coach did a pretty good job and the girls as well. we'll just have to see what happens.

    1. I meant that the rankings really don't mean anything. The team is much better than their ranking indicates. Their keeper is fantastic. They have great stikers.