01 December 2012

Azkals foreign based players report - Updated

Jerry Lucena

Went back to Denmark before Myanmar match because of club commitments , he was subbed in the 69. min for Esbjerg today when they lost 0-3 to Odense.

Last league match before winter break is on December 8 , he will miss first home leg of the semifinal against Singapore. He should be ready in the away leg against Singapore.

Esbjerg is number 9 of 12 teams in Danish Superliga

Angel Guirado

His club Salgaocar from India lost again today, this time to 1-2 at home to Dempo. His club is number 13 of 14 in I-League. Salgaocar play league matches on Dec 8 and 14, and Angel said he was not sure if he will be released for semifinal matches.

Latest tweet from him today : "Now to wait for the decision of the general secretary of the club hope to have luck and let me go back to play the semifinal "

Dennis Cagara

Karlsruher won 5-2 at home to Heidelheim . His club his number 3 in 3. Liga in Germany. Next club match is on Dec 8. Dennis went home to Germany after Myanmar match

Roland Müller

Roland is first choice GK at MSV Duisburg. They won 2-0 away is against Paderborn this Sunday. Duisburg is 15 of 18 teams in second div in Germany. He is playing also on Dec 9 and 16. He is probably not available in semifinal matches.

Rob Gier

Rob has not played any league matches for his club Ascot United since August. Maybe staying in Manila this coming week and should be available for semifinals.

Paul Mulders

His club Ado den Haag lost 2-0 to Twente today. Next league match is Dec 8.

Paul Mulders has not played for Ado Den Haag this season as far as I know. A Thai club is interested signing him

Ray Jonsson

Season is fininshed in Iceland and his club Grindavik was relegated . He is also reportedly without contract. Was injured in last match against Myanmar

Juani Guirado

Juani is staying in Manila now. He is probably ready for both semifinals.

AFF Suzuki Cup rules :

  1. Final Registration of Players & Officials for the Final Round Group Competition and the Final Round home and away Semi-Final and Final matches.
    1. Final registration of twenty-two (22) players out of the thirty-five (35) players registered earlier (preliminary registration) will be registered at the 1st Team Managers’ Meeting which will be held one day before the commencement of the Final Round group competition.

    2. Only twenty (20) players from the final list of twenty-two (22) players can be registered for each match in the Final Round group competition.

    3. Subsequently any twenty (20) players from the final list of twenty-two (22) players (as per 5.3.1) can be registered to play in any one of the Final Round Semi-Final and Final matches.

    4. A player listed on the final list of twenty-two (22) maybe replaced only in the event of serious injury up until one day before the kick-off of his team’s first match after AFF have received a detailed medical assessment and only after the acceptance and confirmation by the AFF appointed Medical doctor. The appointed Medical doctor shall issue a certificate stating that the injury is sufficiently serious to prevent the player from taking part in the AFF Suzuki Cup 2012. Upon approval, the participating Member Association shall immediately nominate a replacement from the preliminary list of thirty-five (35) players and inform AFF accordingly. AFF shall not be responsible for any cost due to a player replacement including airfares.


  1. Any update about Shrock?

    1. shrock played last night.... starting 11 siya.... hindi makalaro... busy ang schedule sa bundisliga... watch him later... sa ACTV... may reply match...

  2. schrock and etheridge wont be playing in the Suzuki Cup because their names has not been added in the 22 man roster

  3. so if lucena, angel, cagara, mulders, and muller will not be available and they cannot be replaced, that will leave us with only 17 players?

    1. That's exactly it. On top of that, Jonsson is still injured. So in other words, we're fucked!!

      However, it seems Gier is really club less and he should be available for the rest of the tournament just like in 2010. Mulders, who has only been in Den Haag's match day squad twice (unused sub for both times), he should be available. While Lucena should also be available starting with the second leg.

      The real uncertainties are Angel and Cagara while I don't expect Muller take part at all.

  4. how about Juani Guirado?

    1. Im not really sure . He has signed for Global Fc so I would expect him to play for Global FC in the UFL final afterwards ? I think he will be available , but not sure

    2. He has not "signed" for Global FC. Global FC is just taking the piss by registering him for the UFL Cup! This is also why the UFL is a joke. They say it's semi-pro but most players aren't even on proper contracts, they're just "registered" like Juani is for Global FC.

      He plays for Racing Lermeno and already has a few appearances this season.

  5. One good solution is P-Noy. Since this game is of national interest. P-Noy should talk to the presidents of the countries where our players play and asked them to be released on those dates they are required to play.
    I mean this is the best way P-Noy can support our National Football team. I mean if our president can ask another country's leader to save a person from execution, why not release somebody for a very important footbal match.
    Sounds funny but do you have any idea. If they are not allowed to be released by the request of PFF.

    1. Cool. That would be the jet flight back to the stone age of ph football.
      Politician's involvement = SUSPENSION FOR YEARS by FIFA

  6. he's not a passionate sportsman, otherwise, he could have focused more on cleaning up our inept national sports leadership.

    1. who? Pnoy? sportsman or not, lets be honest, he's got much more pressing issues to cleanup than focusing on sport.

  7. And foreign leaders would be told by foreign football clubs that they don't pay employees' wages to play for another country in non essential games.

  8. PNoy meddling with the PFF can suspend us......

  9. Updated with latest results and team standings