21 December 2012

AFC Challenge Cup qualifiers in Philippines

AFC Challenge Cup Group E in Philippines from 2. to 6. March

Cambodian football blog : Kingdom of Football has released match schedule for AFC Challenge Cup qualifiers in Philippines.

2. March : Philippines - Brunei , Turkmenistan - Cambodia

4. March : Philippines - Cambodia , Turkmenistan - Brunei

6. March : Philippines - Turkmenistan , Brunei - Cambodia


  1. are we keeping this idiot coach? if yes, lets lower our expectations this time.

    1. so you're implying that you actually thought we were gonna win the 2012 challenge cup!?.... it's clearly you that's the idiot around here!

    2. he's EXPRESSING that weiss is an idiot coach, period and that you as the idiot coach's bitch.

    3. 17:09 ke nanam! ina mo!

    4. Anonymous 21 December 2012 17:17

      halatang asar talo, haha ulol!!! yan yung tipong comment na "you've been put in your place" tapos wala ka nang masabi!! haha ulol!!

    5. no, i wasnt expecting that we win the suzuki cup this year. but i was expecting a much more decent performance than what they displayed. with top players from Europe, it frustrates me no end to see them make simple errors. and i blame this on the coach tactics and strategies. what kind of an idiot coach would play defensively when we needed to score a goal to advance in the semis against singapore? he was constantly outcoached, and outsmarted by the opposition coach. if we really want to improve our standing in world football, get rid of this coach now.

    6. What's the buzz on this coaching issue right now though? Anyone? They tossing some names out there?

  2. Too soon to change coaches. Hopefully after the tournament we can look for a replacement.

  3. c'mon, so he gets another free pass?

  4. I don´t no what´s going on in your hads ?
    Our Team is now much better than two years ago !
    I don´t thing that players like Lucena , Aldeguer ,... are in ouer Team whitout Weiss !
    The Team is still in progress! Don´t forget it !
    So i hoppe he stay !

  5. He has a valid point though. It's a result-driven sport and one of the few main goals of the team moving forward did not materialize. We've been losing. It's nothing personal. Weiss doesn't cut it. I understand it's a unique dynamic and our situation is always handicapped re: no permanency in the line up because of club contracts or the likes, but in that case, it's either we change the coach and find someone who can do something despite our handicap or put together a line up that's more permanent, or at least one with less foreign born players to worry about. Im a sure Mr Weiss is a good man, but we need a very good coach that would be able to adapt to out unique situation and come up with results.

    I don't think the team is progress at all. Coach Weiss knows he has nothing in his hands. I'm sure if he has a more permanent set of players that can grow and be nurtured from these loses there's hope of a progressive movement, but he doesn't right now. They're always doing guess work as to who will play or who will not play.

  6. The year 2012 !

    Matches : 21
    Win : 11 ( Palestine , Vietnam , Myanmar )
    draw : 5 ( Bahrain , Indonesia )
    lose : 5 ( Thailand , Kuwait , North Korea all higher ranked Teams )

    - 1 Title ( Alcantara Cup )
    - 3th place AFF Suzuki Cup

    I think thats not so bad !

  7. Don´t forget 3th place at AFC Challenge cup

  8. There's a simple way to measure Weiss as a success or a failure. No other ASEAN coach can
    call up ready made players from abroad to strengthen his NT. The Azkals should be top dogs.
    Either these overseas recruits are crap quality or Weiss's coaching is.

    1. Putting Weiss aside, this comment of yours just shows complete ignorance on so many levels on your part!!

  9. @20:46, that's right, these are good numbers and credit goes to Weiss. I missed the part where before all of these, we hardly paired up with any of the teams mentioned specially on the "draw" scale. So that's good. Maybe you're right, maybe he's something there. Would he have done better if we had a more permanent line up, I think so. I think he's buggered, no matter who the coach is in this kind of set up. But here's the thing, what if there's another coach out there that can do better, you know what I mean? It wouldn't hurt to sniff around and see what a particular other coach can put on the table, don't you think? But thanks for putting out those number out here:)

    @21:04, absolutely. But coaching is defined by parameters that are based on performance of players that play for the coach OVER TIME. If the parameters are limited to coaching for the sake of winning, regardless of the set up, with these players from outside of the country, then he sin't cutting it. I think the azkals front office or management staff or PFF is missing out something here. I know it's the only thing that they can work with for now, but some of the points brought up by other folks here regarding putting together a more permanent team composed of largely home-based players might be a better approach if these players are supplied, provided for,trained by good trainers, and exposed out there. I certainly don't care actually what or where our players are coming from for as long as they are together for longer periods of time.

  10. Does that mean that the PFF was not successful in asking the AFC to moving the dates for hosting its games to the FIFA match dates on March 23-26 so their European players can participate?

    As for Weiss, any contract extension he signs in January will be for a minimum of 2 years. So if he fails in the Challenge Cup again in the next few months, you will have to live with his incompetence until the next SEA games, not mentioning the fact that the next opportunity to participate in another Asian games is in 2019, almost a decade from now.

    1. No cjeagle, shouldn't that be fuckin obvious? There's no announcement yet by Philippine sources or by the AFC. As it stands and will most likely stay unchanged, qualifiers will take place from March 2-6!

      You love to rehash comments don't you. But anyway.... I'm not exactly a Weiss fan myself but he's not as incompetent as you make him out to be. He wouldn't have the highest coaches badges you can get, or be recommended by the DFB and that's just for starters. It's quite clear that your (as well as others) dislike towards him stems from the fact that you're big McMenemy fans! Ironic thing about that is, he's even less qualified and doesn't have as much experience as Weiss!! And right now who cares about the Asian Cup (not Asian Games as you have said lol). You make it seem like we should be qualifying for that with some ease and on a regular basis!

    2. Anthony Versoza

      If you are on this site a lot, you will have to get used to the disrespectful nature of several of the posters here. That is because they like staying anonymous even when you call them out. But you can always figure them out from their juvenile speech patterns.

      As for my comments above, PFF Araneta stated that he was going to try to change the schedule to accommodate our European based players by placing them on FIFA match dates. This is a common practice used by the AFC or other FIFA confeds in general, when scheduling events like the Asian Cup qualifiers or the WC qualifiers. Unfortunately the AFC considers the Challenge Cup or other competitions for emerging countries as the forgotten stepchild of AFC competitions and doesn't consider it important enough to use valuable FIFA match dates for. It is still possible, considering their previous behavior, that they will accommodate the PFF's request as host, but it will be tough, especially since we don't have a rep at the AFC Competitions committee.

      BTW, Mr. Know It All, even though I am indeed in favor of a coaching change, not once have I called for McMenemy to take Weiss'es place. I don't consider him experienced enough either. Since you think you already know what I would prefer, then you would know some of the names I have given as possible replacements(Germans as well as other nationalities) as well as some very good credentialed choices given by other members in other forums which I have agreed with, all of them having good resumes, and none in that list ever included McMenemy.

    3. Thanks for the FIFA-PFF notes/schedules, good stuff.

      Right. Been to some really bad local derby matches way back so some of the bad comments here don't bother me. It just feels like wasting our time because there might be a chance for something constructive and good for the Azkals out of these conversations.


    4. @ cjdumbass

      Your first paragraph... kailangan ba maglagay ng pangalan kapag nagpopost sa blog?! hindi!! alam rin ng tao kapag ikaw nagpopost dahil halatang ikaw yun! paulit-ulit lang yung sinasabi mo tapos puro jumping to conclusions ka pa!! kaya ikaw yung boploks dito!

      second paragrpah... oo nga, Araneta stated that would try to change it. Di porquet sinabi niya ibig sabihin sigurado na!!

      Third paragraph... kung magkakaroon ng definition para sa "walking irony" sa dictionary, ang nakalagay ay, "see cjeagle". Oo nga, marami ka ngang gusto na coach pangpalit kay Weiss. Pero almost all of them hangang sa resume lang sila. It doesn't mean they would be a good fit para sa NT natin. At isa pa, sinasabi mo rin na you want a coach with national team coaching experience. Pero almost all of the coaches na gusto mo, either kakaramput lang yung experience o wala talaga!

    5. First of all, it is easier to have a conversation with someone if they identify themselves by a call name or tag. Secondly those who like hiding behind their anonymity tend to feel they can be as disrespectful as they want since nobody can identify them anyway among the numerous anonymous tags in this blog. I have called them out before and answered point by point while still being respectful but instead of adopting a tag, they chose to disappear when they cannot answer your questions. I usually identify them by their juvenile speech patterns which are quite recognizable.

      In other forums, you have to adopt a name, and you can be identified and disciplined if you go beyond a certain norm of behavior. Those who feel they can hide behind an anonymous tag as in this blog, on the other hand can be as disrespectful and as outrageous as they want, which really detracts from having a serious conversation about football as some would rather resort to personal taunts and name calling to prove their point.

      As for the second paragraph, I already indicated how hard it would be to convince the AFC to change their mind, didn't I, although they have occasionally been more accommodating in the past to more influential members in the AFC, when a date change was requested.

      As for my third paragraph, from your comments, you apparently don't know the coaches I recommended. I rarely make comments on this blog anymore, because a lot of the posters don't know how to behave and would rather hide behind their anonymity. None of the coaches I recommended was written on this blog and all of them have successful outstanding careers. If fact, your statements show that you are the one jumping to conclusions, since you apparently don't know which coaches I recommended. In fact, I dare you to name them.

      Finally, I am not saying that all the anonymous posters here are disrespectful. I am just referring to those ones here I have encountered in the past who feel they would rather get personal and resort to namecalling than actually have a serious conversation about football. Of course, when called out, like the cowards they are, they would rather hide behind their anonymous tags, and just disappear when they cannot respond to your arguments.

    6. Filipinofootball.com discussions has changed since the beginning of last year. Back then there were a lot of interesting discussions going on and the responses were well thought out and relevant, with constructive solutions being offered. There was still differences in opinion, but by and large, posters were respectful and had very interesting thoughts about the game and how we could better in the Philippines.

      Now a lot of posters would rather resort to trading insults or calling each other names rather than talk seriously about football. Sad. very sad. Just read the discussion from this post from January of 2011:


    7. If you look at the discussion on this blog I posted above, one of the posters claimed to be a manager of one of the UFL clubs and had an interesting explanation on how the UFL manage their clubs including the financial realities of managing a minor league team in the Philippines. I think he would be more optimistic today after all the progress the UFL has made since January of 2011.

  11. Our situation is pretty much the same with other countries outside of south east Asia. Top players play in top leagues and national teams are made to wait. Players dont get to train on a regular basis because of this and they call up domestic players to make up the team and they get dropped when top players become available. THIS IS NORMAL. Someone of you have reactionary mentality suggesting they get a permanent set of players that train on a regular basis. Sounds like you fuckwits want the national team to bw run like a club. That's impossible and crazy. What we need is a coach who understand the right tactics and strategies in situations like ours. Weiss likes to put players out of position. Fail! Weiss attacking strategy is flawed and predictable. Weiss has never handled a national team before. Get rid of that jerk now!

    1. "Weiss likes to put players out of position."

      Sure, but to be fair, he's only done it with Christiaens and Schrock with the latter being for the better as he's our best! Yes, he's also done it with De Jong and Carli in the Peace Cup but that was just temporary as there were no other options at CB.

      "Weiss attacking strategy is flawed and predictable."

      The thing with you fuckwits is that you think Weiss just sets his team to "attack attack attack". How the hell do you know that? Any sane coach wouldn't do that, let alone for a crap footballing country such as ours!! How do you know that it's not the players who are also letting the coach down? For you fuckwits, you always think it's the coach that let's everybody down all the time. Well, what about the players? It's not all on the coach!!

      "Weiss has never handled a national team before."

      Well, it's was the same for McMenemy, yet there are so many McMenemy fan boys (I'm sure you're one of them) and they make him out to be some sort of God who put Philippine football on the map.

    2. @04:17, not that permanent, just decent enough period than showing up a day or two before a match. integrity of teamwork becomes a huge issue when this happens and had been the case in this team. Other countries in asia I'm familiar with don't have a similar line up we do where it's almost majority from the outside. Your talking very basic familiarity with each other,a nd it's not like the skill levels are the same. A decent period perhaps for each and everyone to be in the same sheet of music. At any rate, knowing that this is almost impossible to achieve considering the circumstances each time we take to a tournament, the burden for a coach in this set up is in how he may be able to make do with what he has and not rely to much on the players that have questionable schedules. otherwise it's...astrology. I mean that's practically it. Singapore set up camp way ahead of the matches, played almost the same individuals in their friendlies and other matches leading up to the tournament. But then again they didn't have a lot of players from outside of the country so that was less worry for their coach.

      btw, sirs, all due respect to those concerned, sometimes it doesn't matter if what you say is true,if there are so many other ways to express your point without being disrespecful. Thank you.

    3. Anonymous22 December 2012 09:30

      stupido. he did also to Mulders in the World Cup Qualifiers when he put him on LB. his reason was that Mulders learned his football from Ajax and should be able to play in any position. he should only be doing this in the under 15s, not in the senior level. stupid coach complains about lack of cohesiveness after a loss, but likes to put players in different positions. if he wants more cohesiveness then he should put players in their natural positions.

      anyway, weiss is clearly incompetent as he was constantly outcoached all throughout the tournament. even the mongolia coach outsmarted him back in the challenge cup qualifiers. he doesnt know what to do with the talent that he has in the team, and it makes me sad to read comments from dumb cunts who blame the foreign based recruits.

      its the coaches fault! get rid of him now!

    4. I'm not really blaming the foreign based players or any specific players and I'm not saying that Weiss isn't at fault but to say that the coach gets "outcoached" for every game where it isn't as favorable is just pure ignorance and stupidity!! And it's ironic that you say that it makes you sad to rad comments from dumb cunts.... well, wake up, because clearly you're one yourself for your comments!!

    5. Tell me how he wasnt outcoached each time by opposition coaches? Even crap countries like Guam, Taiwan and Macau we are having a hard time beating. Considering the type of players we had in the Peace Cup - Cagara, Mulders, Lucena - and we had a hard time beating Guam! What kind of an idiot coach is coaching the Philippines? Get rid of him! At the start he says we wants the Philippines to improve its attacking, but now we are playing counter attacking with no real bite in the counter attacks. He doesnt know what hes doing, get rid of him now! They say the Philippines have arrived, but the results says otherwise. We even had a hard time beating Mongolia, and in the return leg they got back at us. Weiss was clearly outcoached.

  12. Anthony Versoza

    You clearly do not understand football. To be competitive you need players who KNOW how to play football. Players who can read when an opponent is going to make a run, read when their teammates are going to make a run, know when to pass, know when not to pass, clinical in front of goal, make timely sliding tackles, beat a defender one on one, create opportunities for himself and his teammates etc.

    If you want a team that is intact for a long time before a tournament, then the only players available to you are domestic players. Its a stupid suggestion, even on paper it looks so stupid. Are you going to ignore the best player available to you just because they cannot commit to a weekly training? Get stuffed.

    So you dont need to have the players training once a week for 2 years to make a good football team. As a coach, you need to know what kind of players you have and then use the right tactics and strategies. If you want to keep the players together, ignoring the best players who are unable to attend practices because of club commitments... well good luck but I think youre an idiot.

    Oh let me guess... you are a basketball fantard? And you think the Smart Gilas doctrine will work in the national team? get fucked you jerk.

  13. We need a fucking good local midfielders