07 December 2012

AFF Suzuki Cup semifinal - Tickets

AFF Suzuki Cup semifinal against Singapore tomorrow

Still many unsold tickets , only 500 pesos tickets is soldout


Singapore FA about return match in Singapore on Dec 12 : " Ticket Sales Update: ALL Tickets for Singapore fans are SOLD OUT.

Tickets for Philippines fans will commence on Monday at 12 pm. "


  1. Kulang sa ads ang game na to kaya until now hndi pa sold out ang expensive tickets.They should advertise it in GMA7 and ABS-CBN that there will be a game in Rizal Memorial but don't include it na may live coverage ang isang local channel dahil ayaw ng dalawang higanteng istasyon ng ganyan..

  2. Its not only about the ads but the price too. P300.00 is at the side of the net. Many supporters around the world prefered this position just for the goal. But for the Pinoys, they prefer always the front view. P3,000 I think is too much for ordinary Pinoys. Orginizers should give discount. Or else, its an embarassment for the home team.

  3. most ordinary pinoys can't afford the tickets...

  4. i agree dun sa kulang ang advertisements for the game, a lot of people don't know about it, limited kasi ang coverage ng free AKTV on IBC13 especially here in mindanao, only cable subscribers can watch the games. proof - all my relatives here in zamboanga don't know about the suzuki cup, even the local TV broadcasters don't know about it, i texted one of them, akala nya suzuki cup is a motocross competition