10 October 2012

PFF keeps Younghusbands out of Bahrain match

After returning to the national team, brothers Phil and James Younghusband will not suit up for the Azkals in their friendly match on Friday against Bahrain.
Loyola Meralco Sparks president Randy Roxas confirmed to InterAKTV that the brothers are still in Manila and will play in their club’s first game in the United Football League Cup on Thursday against Laos FC after learning that the Philippine Football Federation booked Phil and James’ departure on Friday.
“Yes, they are still here. They were prepared to leave for Bahrain this morning but the PFF made arrangements for them to leave on the 12th,” Roxas said.
Most members of the Azkals left for Bahrain last Sunday for their two-match training tour in the Middle East this October. Phil and James, along with Sparks teammates Ref Cuaresma and Anto Gonzales, initially did not join the flight because of Loyola’s semifinal campaign in the 2012 Singapore Cup on the same day.
But Cuaresma and Gonzales have already arrived in Bahrain, leaving the brothers the only players from the Sparks that are still not with the team.
Reached for comment, neither the PFF nor the Azkals management responded to multiple queries by InterAKTV.
Last September, the Azkals stars were left out of the national roster for the Philippine Football Peace Cup over what the PFF called as “economic and non-economic demands.”
Despite of their absence, the Filipinos still won the crown behind the Azkals’ new faces led by tournament Most Valuable Player Denis Wolf.
After learning about their return to the Azkals lineup, Phil and James said they are “delighted” to be back with the team and look forward to working with the Azkals management regarding schedules.
The Azkals are now in Bahrain to face its national football team on Friday in its capital Manama and Kuwait on October 16 at Kuwait City.
The matches are part of the team’s preparations for the 2012 ASEAN Football Federation Suzuki Cup on November, where they look to surpass their historic semifinal run in the same tournament two years ago.


  1. I think PFF made the right decision as I don't think the brothers will be in "good" condition in more or less 48 hours (this include flying time) before game time.

  2. I think it is time we got rid of these two primadonnas. It makes me sick how they would prioritize their modelling career over football.

  3. again with the commitment issues. they said they would come back to the national team in a heartbeat. if they really wanted to play regardless of expecting a call up or not. they wouldnt have arranged any other commitments prior to these friendlies.

    1. I suggest you people find out more info before making idiotic conclusions and comments! This also goes to the Anonymous @ 11 October 2012 02:41. Read the article from the Inquirer! They were obviously dropped for the Peace Cup and with the noises that Weiss and co were making, it seemed like it was going to be a while before they got recalled. So now, they booked some appoints (non-footballing I guess) to take up some of their time. However, just like that, they were recalled to the national team which makes their dropping in the first place even more retarded! Even then, they were going to fly out on Wednesday (which appears to be after all their other appointments) but the PFF decided to book their flight for Friday!

    2. it seems ur the one who lacks info as i have just stated what ive read. urs is full of opinion. prior to getting dropped from the bahrain camp. the brothers said in a statement that theyd be back "in a heartbeat" for the azkals. they knew that the national team was gonna have a friendly and regardless of whether they knew they were gonna get a callup or not, do u think its right that they arranged a commitment that would conflict with the bahrain camp? when they themselves assured the media they would be back in a heartbeat whenever a call up arrives?

    3. in a hearbeat daw. sinungaling pala sila eh.. ngayon PFF pa ang may kasalanan. aminin na natin, they have grown to be primadonnas with bloated sense of importance. okay lang sana kung nakakatakbo ng mabilis, eh mas mabilis pa si oj sa kanila eh.. sila 30 mins palang hingal na..

    4. @ Anonymous 11 October 2012 17:48

      How is that full of opinion?!? lol! What I've stated was the sequence of events based on everything that has happened!

      Let's face it, all of this, as the brothers have said, is miscommunication and misunderstanding. And you combine that with the mentality of a lot of Filipinos, it gonna get blown way out of proportion, big time!! Because of that, everybody is accusing of them of this and that as if they're the second coming of Judas! It's pathetic and ridiculous! Again, this is pretty much everything to do with miscommunication and perhaps some of that blame should be put on their manager, Ms. Rivilla, and not directly at the brothers!

  4. Sino kaya itong "anony mouse" na ito magaling magsalita..."idiotic"..."retarded"...such an abuse of adjective and subjective words...ikaw siguro yung mura nang mura...magsalita ka nang maayos pare...kwentuhan lang itong ginagawa natin.
    Kase pare-pareho tayong walang magawa.

    1. Ngek.... "anony mouse" daw... akala mo ang talino mo noh?!? lol!!! ulol!!

      magsalita ng maayos?!? ang sagot diyan, magisip kayo ng maayos!! magcocoment pero halatang hindi naman binasa yung report.