19 October 2012

AFC Women`s Asian Cup 2014 draw

Each group will battle it out in a one-round league, where each team in the group will play one match against every other team.

The winners of each group will advance to meet the four automatic qualifiers to make an eight-team finals competition.

The qualification campaign of the AFC Women’s Asian Cup 2014 will be held in May next year.

The Groupings:

Group A: Uzbekistan, Jordan, Lebanon and Kuwait.

Group B: Thailand, IR Iran, Philippines and Bangladesh.

Group C: Vietnam, Hong Kong, Kyrgyzstan and Bahrain.

Group D: Myanmar, Chinese Taipei, Palestine and India.


1 comment:

  1. The top team is Thailand and they are in the Malditas group. If the prospects from Canada and the USA join the team and have time to train together, a big upset is possible.