24 July 2011

Stephan Schrock to rejoin Azkals for second leg against Kuwait

By Cedelf P. Tupas

KUWAIT CITY—Filipino-German standout Stephan Schrock will return to Manila to give the Philippine Azkals more midfield bite in their second round World Cup Qualifying clash against powerhouse Kuwait.
Azkals manager Dan Palami confirmed that Schrock, who was suspended for the first leg, will be arriving tomorrow, two days before the return match against the Kuwaitis at the Rizal Memorial Stadium in Manila.
“He will be a big boost to the team,” Palami said of Schrock, who was a key figure in the first-round win over Sri Lanka.
Schrock’s presence is vital for the Azkals, who may continue to miss the services of midfielders Paul Mulders (injury) and Jerry Lucena (club commitments).
Aly Borromeo is also expected to return after serving his suspension. He was seen taking notes during the first game against Kuwait from the grandstand.
Palami agreed with coach Michael Weiss that the 0-3 deficit may be too big to overcome on aggregate. But the two Azkals officials remain hopeful of an upset.
“We have a tough job in Manila because of that 0-3 deficit,” said Palami. “If only we could have a complete lineup for Manila.”
“Anything is still possible if we get an early goal and with the crowd behind us,” said Weiss.



  1. Shrock and Aly can make the game at lot closer but I'm not expecting them to advance. To win 1-nill will be great achievement even if they wont advance. A win over a much superior team will be the greatest achievement in this very young team. Young, by that I mean Azkals and Philippine football is still in the late infancy stage. Plenty of rice to eat, many things to learn and many butt hurts to endure before we can be a dominant figure in Asia or even South East Asia. Let's take it one step at a time.

    I share the same idea with many forumers that Azkals should focus on a win and not on advancing. A win is already a very big task itself. A win would be our biggest achievement in our Football history. Let's hope for the best this coming Thursday. But win or lose, aslong as you play your hearts out, we will be proud.

  2. I hope Lucena can make it with his club's approval. He has to fly back to Denmark after the game though, to be on time for their club game.

  3. I doubt Lucena will make it..It would be good though..we are also missing Mulders who is not 100% healed yet. But Aly and Shrock will boost the backline and midfield. I'll be happy with a win even if we don't advance...but whatever happens I'll keep supporting the team.

  4. I agree as well...go just for the game, a win would be fantastic, even a draw a success. I think if we had our best team on the pitch in Kuwait (like the home team vs Sri Lanka + Lucena...) it would have been a closer match. Kuwait is not impossible to beat, we saw this in the 1st half. They just made more pressure in 2nd half and the goals came when our team was tired and without steam anymore. 2nd goal was quite unlucky and avoidable. Even the Kuwaitis said that they were surprised in the 1st half of our team......so back to the start: make a good game on Thursday and give the home crowd a good fight. We take this experience for the future. Just wish we can make more (friendly) matches against such teams from Middle East ....even we lose all...but this brings the team further....