30 July 2011

1st PFF SMART Clubs championship launched in Iloilo

by Edson J. Bañares

ILOILO CITY, JULY 29 (PIA) – SMART Communications Sports Head Patrick Gregorio formally launched the first PFF SMART clubs championships at a press conference held July 29 here.

Gregorio said that Smart Communications, Inc. is doing this in cooperation in with the Philippine Football Federation (PFF) to promote football following the resurgence of the sport featuring the Philippine Azkals.

Eight teams coming from Bagiuo, Davao, Iligan, Iloilo, Leyte, two teams from the National Capital Region, the Pachanga Football Club (FC) and Technika FC, and one team from Rizal are vying for the club championship.

Out of the eight teams which are scheduled to play on August 9 - 13, four teams will play simultaneously in Barotac Viejo, Iloilo and the CPU Football ground, and these are the teams coming from Davao, Iloilo, Pachanga and Bagiuo.

The other teams coming from Iligan, Leyte, Technika FC and the San Beda FC of Rizal will play against each other at the Palaez Sports Complex in Cagayan de Oro on the same date.

The top two teams coming from tournament in Iloilo and Cagayan de Oro will compete in Manila for the semifinals round.

And for the finals, whoever will win in at the semis, each have a chance to play in their hometown to be become the first PFF SMART clubs champion.

Gregorio added that they deem this the best way to promote football that is to launch a club championship wherein regional champion teams compete against each other. (JSC/EJB-PIA 6)



  1. smart wag niyo na salihan ang football. monopoly naman ng smart katulad ginawa sa basketball.

  2. We needed that , just as long as it is for Football , we don't care who would support it...remember when we had none.

    As long as PFF uses this fund for a nationwide campaign to promote football and not to concentrate and limit it for a chosen few, more so not to use it to campaign for themselves and buy regional votes...if you know what i mean!!!

  3. yung grupo sa cagayan --bakit binayagan ng PFF isang tao controlado niya dalawang teams. Diba labag sa PFF Constitution at FIFA kasi baka mawala yung integridad ng national championship.

    Saka yung sponsor ng PFF National Men's Club Championship ay SMART bakit din pinayagan ng PFF ng yung Smart maging sponsor din ng dalawang teams ---- eh baka naman paboran sila.

    Di dapat ito nangyari para maiwasan ang mga suspetsa at iiral ang prinsipyo ng FAIR PLAY!

  4. chief Barotac Nuevo and not Viejo.....