30 July 2011

Azkals' Weiss blasts critics

by Dennis Gasgonia, abs-cbnNEWS.com

MANILA, Philippines – Philippine football team coach Hans Michael Weiss can only shake his head at critics who are disappointed with his coaching style.

Weiss, who appeared with Azkals team manager Dan Palami on ANC’s The Rundown on Friday, said he’s already heard an earful about the way he handled the team during its games against Kuwait.

“To be honest, I can’t hear that question anymore,” he replied when asked about his refusal to substitute players during the Kuwait match.

Weiss said that as a coach, he knows what his players are capable of.

“We have the players together for a long, long time, so I know exactly the level of the player, I know exactly when to make substitutions and when not,” he said.

Weiss said that what pains him about the critics’ comments is that they didn’t really know what’s going on during their preparations against Kuwait.

“[The boys underwent] 6 months of very intensive, travelling, all these things for the boys very demanding mentally, physically... the people who make these comments, they don't know what's going on in the training,” said the football coach.

“In the end, if really, things will turn out to be wrong, this is the man who makes the decisions (he refers to Palami). Maybe he can put these experts in,” said Weiss.



  1. still doesn't change the fact that his players, despite him knowing the players' capability, were left beaten, exhausted and mostly injured. that 6-month training will be pointless if the players end up not being able to play according to plan now, would it?

  2. marami ang nagmamarunong sa football akala nila magaling na sila.

  3. mjtambasen said...

    still doesn't change the fact that his players, despite him knowing the players' capability, were left beaten, exhausted and mostly injured. that 6-month training will be pointless if the players end up not being able to play according to plan now, would it?

    ^^Pretending to be an expert. He knows their capabilities. He knows the other players are not ready for that level of competition. Just leave the coach will you. Make youself known so that we can endorse to Palami to be the next coach coz you seem to know much better then Weiss.

  4. Mahilig lng manood ng football at magaling mag fifa11/pes11 akala marunong na. LOL! Did you see how Araneta stumbled by his own, he didn't even see James was wide open because he was so "gigil" to get by his man and shoot. Now you tell us that he can make a big difference if he got in much earlier.

  5. This is the time of the football season that coaches , players , teams , officials , should think of a campaign to endear themselves to the masses.

    Basketball is still very popular to the masses ,add on the NBA players and media support for them.

    Blasting Critics, not so good move , even how pissed off they are. They should try their best to open the minds of Filipino to the sport... Football should not be just a craze, a fad or an overnight sensation , it should have continuity for the Filipinos not to forget.

    Even how beautiful the Sport is the Filipinos can see the the smallest loophole. Spread a clean white sheet and they can see the smallest dot.

    Go on with the flow , don't mind the critics , or maybe and just maybe take it as learning experience even though you know you are right...

    than saying...
    "You don't know and I know ....and I can't hear any of that question anymore".

    why not try saying...
    "You have a point and we will take that into consideration" (tapos ang usapan)

    Diplomacy , Charm , Humility is one way to counter attack the critics.

  6. as an azkal fan, questions also linger in my mind about why he doesnt want to use his subs since forward positions should be the safest to substitute(farthest from our own goal). however being a mentor myself has given me the wisdom to keep my mouth shut since only him and his staff knows the capabilities/physical condition of his subs.being diplomatic and charming as mentioned will not help and will only confuse those who are just learning about the game.

  7. The Diplomacy , Charm , Humility is only for Critics that tries to lambast and attack them.

    Of course they have the responsibility to explain it to azkal fans that are just learning about the sport. The fans have the right to know , without being shove off because they do not know anything and as if all in football is self explanatory.

    The clamor for information and knowledge is a very good sign of learning and eventually loving the game...

    i did not mean my statement to confuse the fans and i am sorry.

  8. I can understand why Weiss didn't use one of the players sitting on the bench earlier. Our NT lacking in depth in quality. We have a proper starting eleven but if someone of them is injured or missing we don't have a proper substitute which can maintain the level. That's what we have to work on. We need 22 players where everybody can replace the other one. I know it is difficult but at least we should try to work on (scouting abroad, developing juniors). Also I think our team has just the stamina to compete on that level for 60 - 70 minutes. Then they aren't able to follow the game plan anymore. The coach and staff has to work on that as well which is (as I think) the lack of tough international experience vs. stronger sides. We need matches against strong teams to develope even we lose. Also the UFL must get stronger and the champions/sclubs must finally play internationals. I mean even countries like Nepal etc. perticipates at the AFC president cup. Why is this not possible in our country? Let become the UFL "official" under the banner of PFF and get ready for it. Let our players play as lot of matches as possible, not a few games and then for months they don't have a competition anymore....i think if we can't manage this we can't close the gap to the stronger teams.

  9. UFL doesnt meet the criteria for playing in international club competitions. I dont think its recognized either as the main "national" league in the Philippines, but it should coz there are no other leagues in Philippines that can compete with it. It will take time, but from what the men behind the UFL said before, they are working on it so that the UFL can be recognized and to meet the criteria. Its not done in a snap, like everything else, it will take time.

  10. “the men behind the UFL said before, they are working on it so that the UFL can be recognized and to meet the criteria”

    The men behind the UFL can’t work on their own to be recognized by AFC as the legitimate national league of the country. The PFF as the national association should take the lead and run the national league. A national league committee should then be created by PFF which will be the decision making body for the national league although its decision will be subject to the PFF Board. The national committee members should not be club owners or any entity connected to clubs to avoid conflict of interest.

    In addition the PFF must set or provide the minimum criteria for clubs to qualify for the national league. The minimum requirements should be based on the AFC guidelines which consist of a minimum of 6 main sections and each contains a set of minimum criteria. Clubs must meet the minimum criteria---legal criteria, structure & administration criteria, Infrastructure, sporting, and club identity criteria. This is generally known as the Club Licensing Regulations. Based on AFC guidelines only Clubs meeting the minimum requirements shall be granted a license to participate in the national league.

    AFC has set these guidelines and requirements for a national league to be recognized by the Confederation and to qualify clubs from a member association to participate in AFC Club Competitions.