18 July 2011

Kaya appointed Juan Cutillas as new coach

Manila, JULY 15 (Sugod.com) – Former Philippines head coach Juan Cutillas has been named as the new coach of the Kaya Futbol Club announced on Friday in the club’s official facebook page.

Cutillas stepped into the Kaya hot seat after coach Rudy del Rosario became ‘busy with the [Homeless World Cup] Philippine Team’ and Coach Mikee ‘focusing on getting licenses and improving upon his trade as a coach’.

Coach Cuto, as he is called, lead the Philippines in two terms: 1996–2000 and 2008–2009. He is one of the longest serving head coach of the national team with over 4 years of experience at international level.

The new head coach task is to transform the fortunes of the football club who underachieved last season by falling out of the top three.

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  1. He already had a stint as Kaya's coach before. He was also the national team coach for at least four terms, not two!